Think Twice Before Putting Soaking Wet Clothes In Your Dryer. Here's Why

If you own a washer and dryer, you probably invested a lot of money into purchasing and maintaining the machines. Neglecting to care for them properly can cost you even more in the long run, so it is important to know how to avoid causing damage. There are a few things that should never go into a dryer or washer if you want them to keep functioning correctly throughout their entire expected lifetime. When looking at maintaining the longevity of your dryer specifically, you should not place soaking wet clothes into the machine. This can damage your dryer drum because the clothes are far too heavy.

Dryers can only handle damp clothes. When you remove your laundry from a properly functioning washing machine, it's usually wet but not weighed down with a significant amount of water. This is the state all of your items should be in before they are placed into a dryer. According to Forbes Home, the average cost to repair a dryer is $150 to $400. You may want to think twice before putting soaking wet clothes into your dryer to avoid these costly fees.

How soaking wet clothes damage your dryer

If your washing machine doesn't properly spin water out of your clothes, you might be tempted to place soaking wet clothes in your dryer. If you like to deep clean or strip your laundry by submerging it in water, you might also consider putting your soaking wet laundry directly into the dryer to save time. There are a few reasons why these shortcuts can end up costing you even more time in the long run.

As mentioned, soaked laundry is so heavy that it can damage your dryer. It also takes far longer to dry than damp clothes. This can wear your dryer down over time. It can even result in mold and mildew growth. Damp clothes create a warm, wet environment in your dryer for only a few minutes. Soaking wet clothes, in comparison, involves so much water that it may take hours for your dryer to dry out completely after a cycle. This prolonged period of warmth and moisture encourages mildew and mold development.

What to do with your soaking wet laundry

Whether you have a pile of soaking wet laundry due to a washing machine that does not spin water out properly or bedding you stripped in a water-filled bathtub, you can use a few methods to dry your items without damaging your dryer. First, you might want to consider hanging them outside to dry in the sun. It should only take a few hours to dry your laundry on a warm, sunny day. You can use a drying rack to space your clothes out evenly. If you are in a hurry or need to bring your laundry back inside before nightfall, you can allow it to dry outside until it is damp. At that point, they should be light enough to finish drying in your machine without causing damage.

Alternatively, you can attempt to dampen your wet laundry by running it through an extra spin cycle in your washing machine to remove the excess water. This may be helpful if your washer leaves clothes a bit too wet after a single wash cycle. Keep in mind that this is only a temporary solution. You should still work to figure out why your machine is leaving your laundry too wet. Common causes included overloading your washer, an unbalanced machine, or neglecting to clean your filter. You may need to contact a professional to come out and assess the problem.