Nate Berkus Is Obsessing Over This Easy Closet Organization Hack

A belt isn't just a practical item; they're a key style element, especially when dressing to impress. The variety is endless — chunky, sleek, bold, subtle, and in every color imaginable, made for all occasions. It's no surprise that many of us end up with quite the collection, but when it comes to organizing them, that's a whole different ball game. It's clear why finding an effective way to organize belts is one of those game-changing tips that can transform how you manage your wardrobe. No wonder professional interior designer and TV personality Nate Berkus was thrilled to discover a belt organization hack on Instagram, of all places.

If you've tried hanging them over a hanger in your closet, you know they tend to slip and slide. Many opt for storing them in drawers to prevent clutter from accumulating in their closets, usually by rolling them. However, this often results in belts unrolling and getting jumbled up in the drawer. Thankfully, this Berkus-approved hack by Instagram image consultant @style__me_up effectively addresses this issue and ensures that belts stay securely rolled.

How to do the easy belt organization hack

If you prefer rolling your belts but they keep unraveling, try this hack: Take the end of the belt's strap and insert it into the buckle from outside in. Pull it through until you form a small loop. Then, roll up the rest of the belt from the end and tuck the rolled part inside the loop you've created. This method secures the belt in a neat roll, preventing it from coming undone.

Roll all your belts this way, ideally the same loop size so that you can stack them neatly into your drawer. This allows you to neatly stack them in your drawer. If you're short on space but have a drawer deep enough for the height of vertically stacked belts, opt for this arrangement. It lets you see all your belts at once, making it much easier to quickly find the perfect belt for any outfit or occasion. There are also items you can use to organize your belt drawers, like acrylic and fabric drawer organizers. Using these organizers can help you sort your belts by style, color, or frequency of use, helping keep your drawer tidy and clutter-free. Need to organize more than just your belts? Here are some best tips for keeping your home organized.