Use These Easy Tips To Hate Toilet Cleaning A Little Bit Less

Cleaning your toilet might not be your idea of a good time, but it's necessary to rid the bowl of the built-up germs and keep it sparkling. While employing the best toilet cleaning hacks will have your porcelain throne looking like new, they won't necessarily make you enjoy the chore. This is why we're here with a few easy tips to make you hate cleaning your toilet a little bit less. These tricks include cushioning your knees when kneeling, switching out your old brush, wearing gloves, filling the bowl with ice, and using a vacuum cleaner to remove dust from the exterior.

The first tip on the list is to place a few paper or cloth towels on the floor to make kneeling in front of the toilet easier. Although you can sit on your haunches, your legs won't like you very much when you finally stand up. Plus, if you spend a while scrubbing your lavatory, you might lose your balance and topple in either direction. Instead, the simple trick will cushion your knees and save them from the hard, unforgiving floor. Moreover, you won't have to worry about wiping away accidental spills. That being said, if handwashing the towel or throwing it in the washing machine post-clean-up gives you the ick, stick to paper towels and dump them in the trash as soon as you're done.

Make toilet scrubbing easier and less yucky

If you dread toilet scrubbing (honestly, who doesn't?), make the chore easier and less effort- and time-intensive by switching out your old lavatory brush. Replace your go-to nylon or plastic scrubber with a silicone toilet brush. The updated version is sturdier, harbors fewer germs (yay!), comes with a flexible head, and is simpler to clean. In case you need something a little stronger to battle the stubborn hard water rings or rusty stains, use a handheld pumice stone for a sparkling clean toilet. As for the hard-to-reach areas under the rim, arm yourself with an old toothbrush (or get a new cheap one).

Further, you should always wear rubber gloves when cleaning anything but especially when scrubbing the toilet. This will keep your hands clean and make putting your hand into your dirty porcelain bowl less yucky. Bonus points if you get one with a cuff at the end, as this will prevent the filthy water droplets on the glove from dripping down your arms. Similarly, protect your eyes from unwanted splatters and harmful chemicals with protective goggles. Once you're ready, throw open the windows and switch on the exhaust fans to promote ventilation in the bathroom and save your nose from chemical assault.

Clean toilets with less effort

Simply applying a cleaner and flushing the toilet won't automatically remove the filth. You ought to leave the cleaner undisturbed for some time before you wash it down the drain. But how do you do that when the cleaner you pour along the rim races down the bottom and gets diluted with the water? You can fill a bucket with half a gallon of water, pour it down the toilet, and flush it to empty the bowl. However, if this seems wasteful, fill the base of the bowl with ice until the water line is completely submerged. This will give the cleaners the requisite time to work their magic, and the ice will dissolve after some time.

The above tip will take care of your bowl's interior, but how do you clean the dusty exterior? Do you take a cloth and start from the top (the tank), then clean the toilet seat, move to the curves and bends, and make your way to the ground? While this sounds good in theory, scooping up (or washing) the accumulated dirt and dust from the floor is a back-breaking task. Instead, you can make your life easier if you dust your commode first, preferably with a vacuum cleaner. As a final bonus tip, close the lid when flushing to keep bacteria and viruses from splattering out of the bowl and latching onto other surfaces in your bathroom.