Flip An IKEA Spice Rack Upside Down For Instant Extra Towel Storage

They say that variety is the spice of life, and the phrase holds true for spice racks. For instance, the BEKVÄM spice rack could be one of the most versatile items you can find at IKEA. By flipping the sturdy wooden shelf upside down, you can completely repurpose it. Believe it or not, this low-cost essential doubles as a ready-made storage nook for your bathroom. 

Not only can this easy trick revolutionize your bathroom storage, but it could also make a decorative statement piece to elevate the entire look of your bathroom. This clever IKEA BEKVÄM spice rack hack takes no extra effort or tools, and instantly provides a storage solution for your necessities and a blank canvas that you can decorate to your heart's content. Plus, there are many ways to maximize the potential of your BEKVÄM spice rack for added style and storage space.

The easy way to turn your IKEA spice holder into a towel rack

TikTok user @ashlye.jpg demonstrated the genius way to flip your BEKVÄM spice rack upside down and turn it into extra storage for your hand towels and small essentials, with a rod and upper shelf already installed.

Any spot nearby your bathroom sink makes an ideal placement for this makeshift towel holder. The rack is just over 15 inches wide, which is the right size for a hand towel or a couple of washcloths. The upper shelf can be used for necessities like hand soap and makeup removal supplies. You will also have extra room for a decorative object, like a candle, photo frame, or plant. If you aren't a big fan of the natural wood look, you could consider painting it a different shade to match the aesthetic of your bathroom. Be sure to sand and prime the spice rack before painting it for the best results.

Elevate your BEKVÄM towel rack with these design ideas

There are many ways to maximize the style and function of your makeshift towel rack. For instance, you can hang a few S-hooks on the bar — suddenly, you have space for much more than a single hand cloth. These hooks can be used for hanging planters, jute storage bags, and small towels, too.

You could also double up and install a second BEKVÄM rack in your bathroom. Place the second rack above the first one and keep it right side up. The upper shelf can be used as a decorative display and the lower rack can be reserved for storage. If you have minimal drawer space, use the upper shelf for your cosmetics and skincare essentials.

The BEKVÄM rack has endless creative potential thanks to its stylish simplicity and versatility. In fact, there are IKEA BEKVÄM hacks for every room in your home. With a keen eye for design, this low-cost item could give your ordinary wall some Pinterest-worthy presentation.