Here's Why Command Strips Aren't Working In Your Bathroom

When it comes to durable and damage-free adhesives, Command Strips are seemingly perfect to use around the house. While they're great tools for hanging picture frames and other decor, consider specialized Command brand products for your bathroom needs. Command Bath Hooks are specifically designed to handle hanging towels, your shower caddy, or even hanging a few pieces of jewelry on your mirror. To efficiently organize your bathroom, you can use Command Bath Hooks on a variety of surfaces including glass, mirror, tile, fiberglass, wood, and painted surfaces.

Unlike standard Command Hooks or Strips, Command Bath Hooks are designed to stand up to hot, wet, and humid environments without sliding off or growing weak over time. Your bathroom Command Hooks are likely placed closer to water and humidity than not, as you need easy access to your post-shower towel, the cloth you use to wipe your face after exfoliating, and even an in-shower placement for all your toiletries. And if you're looking for new ways to maximize your bathroom storage space, we've got all the answers on how to go about using Command Bath Hooks in the bathroom.

Why you should use Command Bath Hooks in the bathroom

Command Bath Hooks are strong and versatile, sticking to almost any surface that is typically used in bathrooms and other humid environments. Think of bath hooks like elevated suction cups — rather than simply sticking to the wall on its adhesive side, Command Bath Hooks are designed to have a more secure grip than Command Hooks made for traditionally dry environments. It's essential for Command brand products to be compatible with the surface they're sticking to in order to increase their longevity and avoid constant replacement. With water-resistant adhesive strips, you shouldn't face any problems getting Command Bath Hooks to stick on your bathroom wall. 

Additionally, just like other Command brand products, Command Bath Hooks can be removed without leaving any holes, marks, or chipped paint. While traditional suction cup adhesives shouldn't be removed frequently and are susceptible to leaving behind stain residue, Command Bath Hooks can be moved around for reorganization projects and replaced with a refill waterproof Command strip. Each set comes with two hooks and two medium-sized strips.

How to stick Command Bath Hooks to the wall

Before you go about sticking adhesives to the wall, it's important to prepare the surface. Start by thoroughly cleaning the intended hook placement using rubbing alcohol, a magic eraser, and any other sterilizing ingredient. Once the surface is clean, peel the back off the adhesive strip before pressing the Command Hook onto the wall. Press the hook into the wall for approximately 30 seconds for a lasting bond. After an hour or so, you may use the hook to store anything you might need in the bathroom.

When it comes time to pull these Command Bath Hooks off, be sure to go about it carefully. If the hook is fairly stubborn, you may want to use a hair dryer to apply heat to the top of the strip and gently peel it from the surface. Thankfully, most Command products are easy to remove and won't leave you with too much trouble. Be sure to prepare and apply it efficiently, and you should be good to go.