10 Creative Ways To Repurpose Tires In Your Backyard And Garden

A tire may seem to only serve one purpose, but there are many things this wheel is good for. Its rubber material, hollow center, and durable structure make the tire ideal for recycling in your backyard and garden. You can use it for growing plants, turn it into furniture, or transform it into unique decor. We have 10 creative ways you can repurpose an old or unused tire for your outdoor space and save it from the landfill.

For our tire upcycling project, we used standard car tires. However, you can also complete some of these hacks with tires from trucks, toy cars, wheelbarrows, or bicycles. Regardless of which wheel you are working with, ensure it is clean before repurposing it, especially if you want to paint the rubber to spice things up. You can use a brush to remove any dirt in the grooves before washing the tire with soap and water. Once it dries, it's time for the rubber to meet the road.

1. Use a tire as a garden bed

Imagine growing juicy red strawberries this summer — now picture the same strawberries growing inside your old tires. It's not as weird as it sounds. With the unused rubber wheels, you can create a tire garden. The shallow cylinders are stellar for makeshift raised garden beds, which you can use to plant flowers, fruits, herbs, and vegetables. For taller garden beds, stack a few tires before adding in the soil and seeds, giving the plant roots more space to grow.

2. Create a hanging plant stand

Instead of a raised garden bed, you can use a tire as a DIY hanging plant stand. You'll need a basket that fits snugly into the tire's center, potting soil, and sturdy rope to secure the tire. Simply hang the wheel from a post, shed, awning, or other tall area, plant your seedlings into the basket, and place the container inside the tire. The rubber wheels become just another common household item you can turn into a beautiful planter perfect for vibrant petals and hanging vines.

3. DIY flower plots

Wall flower pots are another planter you can make with old tires. All you need to do is cut the tire in half with a saw or utility knife and create holes in the bottom for drainage. The rubber semi-circle will be your new pot that you can fill with soil and plants. Then, add hooks to hang your planters against a backyard fence, trellis, or pergola.

4. Build a decorative well

A decorative water well can add a rustic yet chic touch to your backyard. Plus, thanks to a few tires, you don't need any brick, mortar, or masonry skills. The car wheels will replace the stone, and you just need to add a roof and bucket to complete the vintage design. The bucket is a great place to plant flowers or turn into a DIY bird bath.

5. Have fun with a tire bridge

Tires are not just a great addition to your backyard for all the gardening benefits, but you can have loads of fun with them by creating your very own playground. A tire bridge is a beginner-friendly DIY jungle gym course that only requires rope, tires, and end posts. You and the little ones will surely enjoy the afternoon teetering from the suspended wheels.

6. Go with the classic tire swing

Tire swings are one way that car wheels have been repurposed for decades. It is synonymous with backyard fun, much like a treehouse. Plus, it matches perfectly with a tire bridge for the ultimate backyard playground. You can safely add the tree swing to your yard with the tire seat positioned vertically or horizontally to form your seat. Traditionally, they are mounted on a tree, but you can hang the swing from another structure if you don't have any sturdy branches in your yard.

7. Build a patio coffee table

Tires can become trendy pieces when designing the perfect patio. With a few table legs and a countertop, the rubber sphere becomes a stylish side table for your outdoor area. In keeping with the tire's rustic aesthetic, you can choose a wooden tabletop and legs to complete your design. For a more elevated look, try a glass top or metal legs. Feel free to mix and match any combination so the piece fits your space.

8. Fashion comfy tire seating

How about tire seats to match your tire coffee table? A drill and braided rope are all the supplies you need for this upcycling project. After puncturing holes around the tire with the drill, weave the rope in a lattice pattern to create the seat cover. It is best to stack two tires for optimum chair height. Further, you can add a third tire for a backrest to maximize comfort.

9. Make a functional ottoman

Ottomans are the ideal piece of furniture; not only are they a stylish seat and leg rest, but they double as storage space. To make an ottoman, simply attach a baseboard to the bottom of the tire and create a removable cushioned lid for the top. Then, you can store all your goodies inside while you're lounging on the patio with your new favorite ottoman.

10. Create a spot for your pets

Your furry friends can also benefit from that old tire. With a cushion, the rubber wheel becomes a comfy pet bed for your cats and dogs. This upcycling hack is best for small pets, as the center of a standard tire is only so big. However, if you get your hands on large truck tires, they can work for the bigger animals in your life.