TikTok's Beautiful DIY Flower Boxes Will Add Sleek Color To Your Windows

If your porch or patio could use a pop of joy, flowers are the ideal solution. Instead of planting an elaborate garden, add instant charm to your home's exterior with floral window arrangements. With the right blooms, you can create vibrant bursts of color that will make your abode less ordinary and more welcoming. This DIY flower box project is all about fun and creativity. Customize the flower box to your liking and showcase your gardening chops with a floral masterpiece. 

Need help figuring out where to begin? Don't sweat it. Just follow along with the TikTok tutorial so you don't miss a beat. Keep in mind that you will be building a wooden box from scratch, so be sure to have all of your tools handy and select materials that are suitable for use outdoors, such as rust-proof screws and pressure-treated wood. Once it's complete, you can explore the many artistic ways to bring your flower box to life. 

How to build stunning flower boxes for your windows

This TikTok video by @skygerman will help you build a beautiful flower box one step at a time. If you know your way around a table saw, you are already ahead of the game because this DIY will require woodworking. The first step is to determine the size of your flower box based on your window frame and the planters you will place inside. Select durable lumber that deters pests to keep it in good shape. Instead of an enclosed base, the TikToker kept the bottom of the box open with wood slats to separate the planters and keep them in place. However, you can also install a wood base lined with drainage fabric. For visual appeal, consider adding a trim to the outside.

Once it's constructed, you can sand, paint, or stain the box. Natural wood will give it a rustic look, whereas painting it black or white will give it a more polished appearance. Once you're happy with your box and have decided on its placement, prepare a wooden board with the same length and visual appearance as your box. Attach the board to studs and then install brackets to hang it up. The TikToker used a jigsaw to make corbels with a custom pattern, although we wouldn't blame you for choosing a store-bought set. The final step is to choose the best flowering plants for your window box and prepare their new home.

Elevate your flower box with these eye-catching ideas

For gardening enthusiasts, this project is like playing in a sandbox. It's a place to use your imagination, and the most beautiful flower boxes play with contrasts in imaginative ways. Think bright perennials against dark green foliage or tall stems paired with hanging strands of ivy. When it comes to creative window displays, opposites attract. Another way to beautify your flower box is to invite some winged visitors. There are all kinds of native flowers you can plant that will make it appealing to bees, butterflies, and birds. A window box full of life is perhaps the prettiest kind, and you'll be doing your part to sustain local wildlife, too.

Your window box doesn't have to sit empty in the colder months. Decorate your display with outdoor plants that thrive in winter weather and rotate it seasonally for year-round curb appeal. It's worth mentioning that keeping your window boxes in beautiful condition will require frequent maintenance. Get acquainted with the care instructions for your chosen blooms before you plant them, and make sure your window box is not out of reach so you can tend to it comfortably. With some care and creativity, your DIY flower box will be a thriving success you'll love coming home to.