This DIY Flower Box Beautifully Displays House Numbers While Adding Curb Appeal

There are a lot of areas you can change around your house to make it look more beautiful. A few easy ways to boost your home's curb appeal are planting gorgeous flower beds along your front house or installing new window shutters. One area homeowners enjoy sprucing up is their house numbers. Some have created concrete house numbers to put on their lawns for delivery drivers to see easily, but if you want to include something more colorful and beautiful, DIY a flower box with a few wood boards to display your house numbers. It's effortless to make and will add the perfect curb appeal to your space.

TikTok user @hammsmom_shayla created a stunning stained wood flower box for her house numbers that completely changed the entire look of her entrance way. This DIY is easy to customize by painting the wood boards in different colors, planting various flowers, and adding extra details to make the box stand out. To build the flower box frame, the TikToker used four 1x3-inch boards and two 1x7-inch boards, a saw, wood stain, wood glue, polyurethane sealant, sticker house numbers, and flowers. However, you can decide the dimensions for your flower box that will best fit in with your space. You can make a smaller or larger flower box, depending on where you put it and how many numbers you need to fit on the board.

DIYing your horizontal house number planter

Begin by cutting your wood pieces to your desired size. TikTok user @hammsmom_shayla bought a series of 1-inch thick boards, making the two largest 7x22 inches, two strips measuring 3x18 and 3x20 inches, and two square pieces that both measured 3x3.5 inches. You'll want at least one backboard and four wood boards for the flower box. Drill a drainage hole in the middle of the board that you'll use for the base of the box. Once your wood boards are cut to size, sand them to prep them for stain or paint. Then, depending on your choice, stain or paint your wood boards. Let them dry completely before assembling.

Next, assemble your flower box. Glue the board's edge with the draining hole to the backboard's center so that it's sticking out. Then, glue the sides and close off the box with the last board. Allow the wood glue to set completely. Add a thick layer of clear polyurethane sealant to the entire front side of the flower box and let it dry. Since you'll have the planter outside, you can layer the wood glue with hot glue to weatherproof the wood, preventing water from seeping into the boards. Attach your house numbers on the backboard above the box. The TikToker used a Cricut to customize her house numbers, but you can paint them on the board or buy individual numbers. Finally, display your flower box in a noticeable area on your property and add your flowers.

For less wall space, create a vertical flower box

The horizontal flower box display gives you more room to add a whole row of flowers, but if you don't have enough space for a horizontal box to fit, then you can create a simple vertical flower box. You'll only be able to add a few flowers, but it still gives a striking and unique floral touch. You can use a 24-inch board, three 6 ¾-inch squares, and a 7-inch square for the flower box, or create your own dimensions for a taller or shorter flower box. Sand and paint them, or keep the wood as is if you prefer the natural look. Also, drill a drainage hole in one of the 6 ¾-inch squares.

Lay your 24-inch vertically on a table and glue the bottom to the 6 ¾-inch squares with the drainage hole to create an L-shape. Then, glue the other two 6 ¾-inch squares to the sides and the 7-inch square to the front. You can use a nail gun for extra security, but the wood glue should work on its own. Next, attach the house numbers vertically down the wood board and hang it on your wall. Finally, add your flowers.

The best thing about this DIY is you can always showcase new florals or add flowers that will spice up your seasonal decor. You can use complementary colors to have your flowers match any wreaths you might hang. It'll be something you look forward to every season.