The Open-Shelving Pantry Alternative You May Want To Consider For Your Kitchen

Style over function is fine in moderation, but when it comes to your kitchen, a good blend of the two is essential to create a space you love but also one that works efficiently while you cook, bake, clean, and eat your cheffed-up masterpieces. One layout that leans more towards style is the currently very trendy open pantry. While this style of shelving is an ultra-chic storage option, they aren't the best choice for everyone. Modern and airy, these pantries display all your dried goods and cooking essentials out in the open, which is great if you have perfectly matching jars and a propensity to clean and organize frequently. 

The reality is that most kitchens are busy and often messy spaces — and that's okay! But if you're hesitant about leaving dusty jars, mismatched mugs, branded cans, and half-empty cereal boxes out in the open, you have alternatives. One such pantry idea that gives you a little more coverage while still emulating that easy-breezy aesthetic is a glass-door pantry. The transparent panes retain the appeal of an open-shelf pantry, but the doors also streamline the look of your kitchen. Here's why it's worth considering this pantry style and other alternatives to the very popular open shelving system.

Why glass door pantries are great alternatives

If your hopes have been dashed for owning an open-shelf pantry for any reason, a glass-door version is an ideal solution. Glass-door pantries keep your dried goods and kitchen essentials tucked away and protected behind panes. Yet you still get a good idea of what you have and what might need a refill during your next grocery run. As noted, open-shelf pantries still have practicality to them, but they can be high maintenance and need to be cleaned often — otherwise, they can look messy and disorganized. Glass door pantries keep those messes contained and make them less noticeable.

A glass-door pantry is also ideal for a home with children or pets. The doors help contribute to a kid-friendly kitchen, so little ones can see what snacks they'd like without opening every door and rummaging around. Equally, pets won't be able to get in and eat their full bag of treats — or indulge in ones meant for humans. Another perk is that glass-door pantries work for a wide range of home sizes and budgets. You can have them built into a kitchen's structure or purchase a free-standing cabinet as both of these options fulfill the same needs.

Other door options for pantries

If you like the idea of open-shelf pantries but would prefer even less transparency, there are other options outside of glass-door versions. Aside from the usual walk-in pantries or options with completely opaque doors and cabinets, a few toe the line between these closed-off food storage units and transparent or open versions.

To start, consider various door types. Outside of glass, mesh, wire, woven, and wooden doors offer design-focused solutions for homeowners looking for chic but functional kitchen pantries. Frosted glass is also perfect and a small departure from plain glass windows that provide a little more privacy for messy pantries. If you're beholden to a tiny amount of square footage, slide-out pantries are another possibility. These can have shelves without walls (similar to open shelving), but because it slides back in, it offers the same perks, keeping items contained, hidden away, and out of reach from pets.