Use These Dollar Tree Items To DIY Beautiful Wall Decor For Your Home

When it comes to the walls of our home, it's important we decorate them accordingly. If you want to focus on wall art, the trendiest ways to decorate are abstract art, oversized prints, and colorful pieces. But you can think outside the box and opt for some more unusual wall art options and artwork that doesn't require a frame, like hanging greenery and wall decals. If budget is your concern, don't fret – TikTok user @daintymarci shared her favorite hack, which uses picture frames, glass mirror candleholders, and craft sticks to create a stunning piece of art. And the best part? All the items come straight from Dollar Tree.

The end result of the DIY project is an abstract art piece that can elevate your bedroom, bathroom, or other area of your home. The content creator placed hers on either side of her bed above her end tables, giving an otherwise empty wall space an upgraded look. Want to copy this idea? Here's how to do it and how to make it your own.

How to create this mirrored wall art for your home

The first step to achieving this DIY is to gather all of your supplies. Luckily, all it takes is one trip to Dollar Tree to get everything you need. You'll need two photo frames per art piece — if you plan to do more than one like DaintyMarci did, plan accordingly and buy the amount you require. She used the Special Moments Black with Gold Trim Photo Frames for her wall art, but you can personalize this by choosing different frames, like distressed wood frames or glitter gold frames. You will also need Luminessence Glass Mirror Candleholders and Crafter's Square Natural Craft Sticks to hold it together.

Once you have your items, it's time to start getting crafty. A glue gun will help make this project quick and seamless, but any strong glue will work. Take the backings off each frame and then cover the picture hole with the square glass mirror using glue. Do this twice, and connect the two frames at the corners using the craft stick. Then, place a third square mirror over the corner and your project will be ready to enhance your home decor.