What You Need To Know About Calacatta Quartz Countertops (& How Much They Might Cost)

Featuring pronounced veins against an unadulterated white backdrop, Calacatta marble is a sight to behold. However, being mined from Apuan Mountain quarries in Carrara, Italy, this type of marble countertop isn't readily available. Its rarity and beauty have pushed the price to between $175 and $200 per square foot for the material alone. This is where Calacatta quartz countertops come in. These superior-quality countertops closely imitate the look of organic Calacatta but enjoy the durability and strength of quartz.

Additionally, Calacatta quartz is more affordable than its marble counterpart. You'll get the desired look without waiting for the rare marble to come back in stock or burning a hole in your pocket. Further, the veining pattern and color change depending on the type you go with. So, you can choose the variety you want adorning your bathroom, kitchen, or dining room. For instance, Calacatta gold quartz has striking gold veins, so you can elevate the look of the counters in your home. That's not all. Calacatta quartz is also stain- and heat-resistant, unlike marble countertops, which stain more easily.

Reasons to bring the Calacatta quartz home

Calacatta quartz is a better choice than its marble counterpart because of its durability. Quartz is one of the hardest materials, scoring 7 to 7.5 on Moh's hardness scale. Since the manufactured countertop is composed of 93% organic quartz and 7% pigments and resins (for the look), it's inherently strong, doesn't chip or crack easily, and won't buckle under pressure. So you can rely on this countertop material for both durability and looks. This countertop can also easily withstand the demands of a bathroom and kitchen because it is resistant to heat and scratching.

Moreover, quartz is non-porous, so stain-causing materials won't be able to breach the surface and create a stain from everyday spills like coffee or wine. Acidic items like lemon juice and vinegar also won't have much of an impact on the surface. So, you can rest assured that your beautiful countertop won't corrode due to simple accidents. Also, quartz's non-porous nature protects it against bacteria and other disease-causing germs. The best part, though? This countertop is incredibly easy to maintain. All you need is a mild soap and warm water to clean your Calacatta quartz countertops. Bonus advantage: You don't need to seal these countertops regularly, which is something you'll have to do if you get their marble cousin. Despite its many advantages, this counter material is best suited for the indoors.

Calacatta quartz countertop costs

As mentioned, Calacatta quartz is more affordable than its marble version. You can expect to shell out anywhere between $60 and $100 per square foot installed. That being said, the countertop's material and installation costs are based on certain factors. The material costs depend on the color and pattern you choose: some varieties of Calcatta quartz cost more than others based on design and style. Calacatta Miraggio quartz and Calacatta gold quartz are more inexpensive than Calacatta Nuvo quartz or Calcatta Classic quartz.

Regarding installation costs, factors like slab thickness, edge design, and cutout and seam costs will directly affect the price. A thicker slab will cost more than the average ¾-inch width. Similarly, bespoke edge designs, customized cutouts for sinks, and more seams will increase your overall costs. Additionally, if you go for sides that touch the floor in a cascading waterfall design, it'll cost you more. Other considerations include demolition, cabinet leveling, plumbing, and electricity charges.