The Farmhouse-Chic Planter Box Anyone Can Easily DIY

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Growing a healthy garden is easy with the help of planter boxes. They are perfect to use outside for those who prefer raised bed gardening. Planter boxes allow you to have better control over the nutrients your plants receive and avoid soil-born diseases that might be present in your yard's ground soil, potentially resulting in healthier plants. Planter boxes also give a garden a more organized look. Rather than purchasing a planter box, you might already have the materials you need to create one yourself at home. All you need is a galvanized steel bin and a drill. 

Once you drill a few holes in the bottom of the galvanized steel bin, you are ready to use it as a planter. This will provide your garden with a trendy farmhouse-chic look while keeping your plants healthy and neatly presented. These raised planter boxes may also help you keep certain pests away. Pests have easier access to plants placed directly into the ground. Let's dive into how to find galvanized metal bins and how you can set up your own planter box with them.

Where to purchase galvanized metal bins

If you do not already have galvanized metal bins, you can pick them up either online or in a home improvement store. Home Depot sells a set of two for $85.21. These bins are a good size to use for planting and include handles on the ends so that you can easily carry them. Amazon sells a wide variety of bins in different sizes and shapes for those who prefer something a bit more unique. If you would like to section off a portion of your garden for raised bed gardening, you can cover that area with a pack of four galvanized tubs from Amazon. The set is priced at $41.98.

You might have a variety of small plants you would like to place outside while also having more control over the state of the soil they are planted in. Wayfair's Denika nine-compartment galvanized metal crate is a great way to get those plants started. It is a galvanized bin with nine small sections so that you can keep your starter plants separated. 

If you are not a fan of any of these choices, there are tons of options all across the internet for you to choose from. Achieving that farmhouse-chic aesthetic is quite easy. Adding holes for drainage is a step you do not want to forget when gardening in planter boxes, so just make sure that the option you select can easily be drilled through.

How to plant in a galvanized metal bin

After selecting your metal bin, you need to prepare it for your plants. Start out by drilling a few holes spaced evenly into the bottom of the bin with either a ¼-inch or ½-inch drill bit. If you are placing large bins in a garden outside, you will need to set two pavers under each one to allow room for excess water to drain out from underneath. Just ensure it is leveled on top of the pavers.

Now you are ready to start filling the bin with soil, fertilizer, mulch, or anything else that will help your plants thrive. Your perfect soil mixture will depend on what you are planting, so be sure to do your research to determine what will work best for you. Or, consider these plants that are perfect for raised planter boxes. You might want to consider adding a short layer of pebbles to the bottom of the bin to make it easier for excess water to escape. 

When planting in metal bins or any other type of raised container, keep in mind that you no longer have the perks of garden critters and organic byproducts that can help your plants and soil stay healthy, such as live worms or worm castings. However, you can recreate a similar environment in your galvanized metal bins by adding worms or worm castings to the soil.