10 Genius Aluminum Foil Storage Ideas That'll Free Up Space In Your Kitchen

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When you think of important items in the kitchen, what comes to mind? Appliances, pots and pans, dishes, and cooking utensils are all likely to make the cut, but what about aluminum foil? According to data from Statista, over 318 million Americans used aluminum foil in 2020, and for good reason. This simple sheet of thin metal can be used to protect pans when cooking, cover up leftovers, and even give your dishes a good scrub, all while remaining recyclable and helping to prevent unnecessary use of single-use plastics. Thanks to this myriad of uses, it has certainly earned its place as a kitchen essential.

However, the problem with aluminum foil is that it often comes in a long, thin box that's notoriously difficult to store. The awkward shape and size can make it impossible to fit into your drawers or cabinets with other items, meaning you may have to sacrifice an entire drawer just to hold your foil and other products that come in similarly-shaped boxes like parchment paper. Alternately, you could find yourself having to toss it in the back of a junk drawer, burying it beneath a mess of miscellaneous items that makes it difficult to grab when you need it. Luckily, there are other options that can ensure your foil is both out of the way and accessible — they just require a bit more creativity to pull off. We've listed 10 genius ways to store your rolls of foil in the kitchen to free up space.

1. Low-profile hook organizer

If you're looking for a foil storage solution that requires the least amount of material possible, look no further than this hook idea. Aluminum foil typically comes stored on a roll inside of the box so it can more easily be dispensed, but this roll can also be used as an easy point to secure your foil to the wall. Pick up a few peel and stick wall hooks from the store, then poke some holes in the sides of the box if necessary. Next, place the tip of each hook into these holes and secure them to the wall horizontally.

2. Slot dispenser

While hook dispensers are low-profile and simple to install, a vertical dispenser is built for convenience. To create your own cabinet dispenser, build a box with a slot that's slightly smaller than the width of your aluminum foil box. Keep the top of this box open so you can easily slide in a new box of aluminum foil when the old one runs out, then feed the edge of the foil through the slot you've created. From here, you should be able to tear off pieces without having to remove the box itself, a convenience that's particularly helpful when you're rushing around the kitchen and preparing food.

3. Simple foil rack

This simple idea might not include a dispenser, but it can certainly help you organize your awkwardly-shaped foil boxes. All you need to do is install a thin, tall basket on the back of a cabinet or pantry door. This can easily be made at home to match the exact dimensions you need, but something as simple as the Small Multipurpose Storage Bin from Target for $5 can also do the trick when attached with Command strips. Either way, make sure you choose something thin enough that it won't get in the way of your door closing and you should be good to go.

4. Over the door foil rack

Living in an apartment can come with quite a few benefits, but it also presents unique challenges. Namely, more permanent alterations to the space could jeopardize your security deposit. However, if you're on the hunt for a rental friendly DIY that can help you conveniently store your aluminum foil, you're in luck. As it turns out, an over-the-door hook and a Home Collection Wire Shower Caddy from Dollar Tree for $1.25 can be transformed into a damage-free organizer. All you have to do is snip a couple of wires to open up the second shelf and you're ready to hang up your foil boxes.

5. Vinyl fence post mini shelves

Kitchen cabinets aren't always the most convenient shape, but organizers can help you take advantage of all of the awkward space you have available. With this idea, you can make the most of any narrow cabinet or small sliver of vertical space that has been left vacant with the help of two unlikely materials: a vinyl fence post and binder clips. Simply cut down your fence post to create hollow makeshift shelves, attach them together with binder clips, and slide the unit into your cabinet to fill in extra room. From there, just place your foil boxes and any other similar items inside the slots.

6. Wall-mounted rolls

If you use aluminum foil just about every day, whether it's for cooking or packing up lunches, you might find yourself going through rolls at a breakneck speed. In this situation, it might be time for an upgrade to an industrial or food service-sized roll of foil. Of course, you'll also need a dispenser that can handle this larger load. Something like this Bulman A501-20 Standard 20-inch Gray Steel All-In-One Wall Mount from WebstaurantStore for about $40 can certainly do the trick. This can easily find a place on the wall, mounted in your pantry, or even suspended underneath your cabinets for easy access.

7. Box-free drawer organizer

Haphazardly tossing your boxes of aluminum foil, plastic wrap, and parchment paper in a drawer might work if you're just searching for a way to stow them away, but this TikTok-approved product will keep your drawers neat and tidy. With a drawer organizer like this one, you can ditch the bulky boxes and instead opt for a much more streamlined and aesthetically-pleasing final look without sacrificing functionality. Keep your eye out for organizers with labeled sections, removable sides to replace your rolls, and included slide cutters, like this SpaceAid WrapNeat 3 in 1 Wrap Organizer With Cutter and Labels from Amazon for about $24.

8. File holder organizer

Storage solutions don't have to be complex or expensive to be functional, and this foil organization idea is the perfect example of that. If you have a narrow space in your pantry that's not very deep, consider filling it with a file holder. These inexpensive organizers can be found in most big box or office supply stores, and they typically only cost a few dollars. Once it's in place, stand your aluminum foil, parchment paper, and anything else you might have on hand that comes in a long and skinny box on its end. The organizer will keep the boxes upright and in one location.

9. Magnetic hanging dispenser

The refrigerator often acts as a collection point for holiday cards, wedding invitations, and A+ tests, but it's typically underutilized as an organizational space. However, this is a great spot to place an organizer that won't damage your walls. Magnetic organizers, like this Dr.BeTree Magnetic Spice Rack for Refrigerator from Amazon for $23, are the perfect item to use to store aluminum foil. Stick the organizer to your fridge, then place things like spices or other small items on the shelves. Next, instead of placing paper towels on the dowel like you typically would, store your roll of aluminum foil there instead. 

10. Simple cabinet shelving

In most cases, even the messiest pantries don't require massive organizational overhauls to become functional. Most of the time, all you need is some simple shelving. Because aluminum foil boxes are typically only about 2 inches tall or less when lying horizontally, it can feel like a waste of space to simply place them on your shelf. A set of mini shelves, however, can double or even triple the amount of vertical room you have available. Place a shelving unit in your pantry and use the lower shelves to store your small and short boxes. If you still have room, stack items like sandwich bags on top.