Use Faux Stone Patio Tiles To Give Your Outdoor Stairs A DIY Makeover

One area of style stagnation for many homeowners? Exterior stairs. Often made from concrete or decking material, outdoor stairs are difficult to beautify and can make your home's exterior look outdated and bland. Recently, TikTok user @Arkwell shared a genius hack for adding Greek-inspired flair to your outdoor steps. By laying faux stone tiles and filling in gaps with cement mix, DIYers can create beautiful "stone" stairs.

This DIY outdoor project is beginner-friendly and long-lasting. It's also easy to customize to fit your exterior home design style. Depending on how many stairs you're renovating and how large they are, this project has the potential to get a bit pricey. You can find several variations of the faux-stone patio tiles online, but the ones that most closely resemble the style and color of the ones in @Arkwell's video are the Pure Era Deck Tiles from Amazon in sliced tan. A pack of four 12-inch by 12-inch tiles costs around $70.

You can apply the tiles directly to the surface of your stairs, but to follow the TikTok technique and achieve a smooth finish, you'll also need a thin layer of cement to cover the stairs and a grout to place between the faux stones. A 10-pound bag of Quikrete Concrete Mix costs less than $4 at Lowe's, and grout costs less than $20 at Home Depot. The TikToker also suggested using a Floor Tile Adhesive to secure the tiles, which Ace Hardware carries for less than $20.

How to create a faux stone stairway

To give your outdoor stairs a major glow-up, begin by carefully measuring the top surface area of your stairs. Purchase the correct number of tile packs to cover the surface, then plan how you'll arrange them. Depending on the size of each stair, you may need to cut some of the tiles. Remove the mesh and the faux stones from the interlocking tile backings to match @Arkwell's strategy. You can even move a few faux stones around on each tile to create a more cohesive appearance, instead of leaving obvious breaks between tiles.

Next, even out the top of each stair by applying a fresh layer of cement. Use the floor tile adhesive to secure each piece of faux stone tiling that you've planned for your space. Arrange the stones as desired to achieve the look you want, then apply grout or concrete between the stones. Be sure to let it set completely before walking on your beautiful new staircase. You can use cement and paint to ensure that the texture and color of the front of the stairs matches the top of each step.

Things to keep in mind

Since you'll be sealing the tiles on top of your stairs with cement and grout, this technique is only suitable if you want to permanently change your stairs. If your stairs are made of wood or other materials that are likely to rot over time, this may not be the best DIY for your exterior stairs. Cement, brick, or stone steps are the perfect fit for this project as-is, or you can use patio tiles without the concrete and grout for a more temporary makeover.

Not only can you customize this project in terms of permanence, you can also make easy changes to fit your exterior decorations and style. Interlocking patio tiles come in a huge variety of colors, styles, and sizes, making customization a breeze as you set out to add gorgeous detail to your home's exterior in a matter of hours. Whether you're adding a renewed flair to your outdoor stairs or you're creating a garden pathway or beautiful patio, these tiles go a long way in transforming your space.