DIY A Drain Snake With Items You Already Have In The House

If you're looking for the fastest fix for a clogged sink or shower and don't have a drain snake, you might want to consider grabbing a wire hanger from your closet. By changing the shape of the wire, you can make your own DIY drain snake that could help eliminate clogs just beneath the drain. To start, completely unbend your hanger, including the hook, to be as straight as possible. If you're having trouble changing the hook's shape, use a wire cutter to remove this portion. Bend one end of the wire to create a very small hook, which will help you grab whatever is stuck in your drain.

Now, carefully place the bent end of the hanger into the drain and wiggle it to try to find the clog. When you feel the hanger catch something, pull it up and remove any debris stuck to the hanger. You can repeat the process until this unexpected item unclogs your drain, but be sure not to insert the wire too deep into the pipe.

Making a DIY drain snake with a wire hanger

For those who want to try this DIY method for snaking a drain, be mindful that it's best for clogs near the surface of the pipe and that you could accidentally push a clog further down your plumbing. Unfortunately, this hack may not be effective for clogs that are deeper in the pipes, and you might cause some damage to your plumbing with this DIY. Pipes that were installed a long time ago or have started to corrode could be punctured by the hanger, potentially causing leaks and forcing you to replace a pipe. 

Additionally, if the clog is severe your wire hanger might end up stuck in your drain, which could lead to an embarrassing call to a plumber. While you might be able to unclog your drain with this hack, a wire hanger may not be the best solution for every clog and has the potential to cause more harm than it's worth. If you're concerned about using this method, you could also try to clear a clogged drain with Alka-Seltzer.