Give Your IKEA RAST A Stylish Upgrade With A Few Inexpensive Items

The RAST dresser from IKEA is the perfect blank canvas for a DIY aficionado. This basic, no-frills dresser is made of neutral solid wood — an easy surface to transform with a little imagination. If you're looking for a fun IKEA dresser makeover project on a modest budget, this RAST redo is worth tackling. You will hardly recognize this dresser by the time you're finished, and we can almost guarantee that it will earn you at least one compliment for your fabulous taste in furniture.

As far as DIY makeovers go, this one is fairly simple as long as you follow the steps carefully. Thankfully, a resourceful TikToker has created a video detailing the project from start to finish. After the revamp comes the fun part of decorating the dresser to reflect your personal style and elevate the aesthetic of your living space. If you don't know where to begin, we have all kinds of suggestions. 

How to give your RAST dresser a top-to-bottom makeover

Crafty TikTok user @evaleehome has come up with a genius method to transform an ordinary RAST dresser into a chic statement piece. This project will require several tools and materials: wood filler, wood glue, burlap fabric, a stapler, pine boards, paint, a new set of handles, and legs for a makeshift frame. The first step is to take out all three drawers, remove the original knob handles, and fill the holes with wood filler. Cover the surface of each drawer with burlap fabric and staple to secure. Use thin wood strips to create a trim around the edges and attach the strips with wood glue, using filler wherever necessary.

Prep and paint the dresser in a color of your choosing and install vintage matching handles on each drawer. The TikToker also replaced the bottom of the dresser with a pine board and built a new frame using the legs of a stool. You can keep the bottom of the dresser in its original condition for simplicity's sake, but this seemingly subtle addition gives it a major style upgrade. The finished product is a unique mid-century-modern-inspired dresser you'd be hard-pressed to find at any furniture store.

Dress up your RAST dresser with creative decor

It takes an artistic eye to decorate a dresser, but if you don't consider yourself an artist, we have plenty of ideas to get you started. The trick is to choose a standout focal point, such as a mirror or painting, and curate from there. You could also create a gallery wall incorporating two or more of these elements or set the dresser against a wallpapered accent wall.

When it comes to styling the top of your dresser, a few carefully selected pieces could go a long way. For your midcentury-style RAST dresser, browse your local antique shop for vintage hardcover books, ornate candle holders, or an old-fashioned vase to fill with dried lavender. If the dresser is in your bedroom, source a round pedestal riser to display your accessories. Enhance the area around the dresser with a textured mat, potted plant, floor lamp, or cozy chair. With a creative mindset and a crafty approach, your unremarkable RAST dresser could easily become the favorite (and most complimented) piece of furniture in your home.