Create Chic Storage For Glasses And More With A Few Dollar Tree Items

Do you have pair upon pair of glasses, sunnies, and readers cluttering a drawer? That disorganized mess makes finding your choice of frames a challenge. Try crafting a glasses holder for under $10 with Dollar Tree finds. Show off your cute specs while making it easy to grab a pair on the fly. Discovering new storage solutions never gets old, especially for maximizing storage in small spaces. Utilize a small footprint of tabletop space, or even go vertical by morphing this DIY into a wall hanging.

After a small investment in materials and an even smaller project completion time, you'll have a versatile storage solution for glasses and more! Nab a couple of 6.5 x 4.5-inch wooden trays, two or three 12-inch rulers or wood planks, a two-pack of craft clamps, wood glue, a picture frame, and a saw for a DIY that takes less than an hour! Each unit holds up to four pairs of glasses. Perched on a dresser or storage unit, this practical space saver is great for showing off a quirky collection of eyewear.

How to create your glasses storage

For this DIY, you'll attach two wooden trays lengthwise and divide each tray into two storage compartments with wooden pieces. A hinge from a budget picture frame and a scrap of ruler or wood plank from your shelves come together as a handy stand that keeps your project upright.

Prepare your workspace by gathering your tools and materials, then lay down a protective cover over your work surface. Remove any labels or stickers from your trays and other wooden pieces. Apply wood glue to one of the long ends of each wooden tray, line up the edges of the trays, clamp them with your two clamps, and let them dry. In case of a messy overflow, try this easy hack for cleaning up excess glue on wooden projects.

Once the glue has set, measure your rulers or wooden planks to match the width of the trays. These will serve as shelves to hold two pairs of glasses per tray or four pairs per build. Give yourself some leeway for mistakes by cutting each piece just slightly longer than the width of the trays. Once you're confident with your cuts, find the midpoint of each tray. This is where you will glue your wood pieces. Attach them with wood glue on each end and the back to make a flat display surface; let dry.

Finishing your DIY with flair

Show off your shelf and your shades with the final steps. If you'd like a tabletop reclining storage piece like you see in @jaymuneediy's TikTok, grab a picture frame and a scrap from your ruler. The hinge from the frame's stand and the wooden scrap will serve as a secure support to rest on a countertop.

Remove the hinged stand from the back of your picture frame, and separate the hinge from the leg. With wood glue, secure the end of your wooden scrap to the hinge so that the cut end lines up with the hinge, and glue the stand to the back of the shelf. Once the glue is dry, spice up the final product with a trendy paint pattern to make your shelf pop.

If counter space is a premium in your home, turn a simplified version of this DIY into a wall hanging! Rather than adding a stand, a ruler end that sports a binder hole is a great way to use up scraps while making a hanging point on the back of the shelves. On the back of your shelves, center a leftover piece of ruler near the top so that the ruler's hole is just below the top edge of the shelves. Pick a handy spot on your wall, and hang your piece from a nail, using the hole in the ruler that's closest to the top of the shelves.