Our Organization Expert's Best Tips For Getting Your Cluttered Bathroom Cabinets Organized

The bathroom is a room in the home you use every day, multiple times a day. It is easy for the medicine cabinets, vanities, and under-sink storage areas to get messy with constant use, especially in a shared bathroom. However, keeping this area clean is good for your physical health and can help reduce stress and promote clear-headedness. Maria Baer, founder of The Baer Minimalist, spoke exclusively to House Digest about simple ways to boast a clean and clutter-free bathroom while dishing her tried-and-true products that help with tidiness.

According to our organization expert, managing the items you store inside your bathroom cabinets and properly utilizing all your available storage space is fundamental for eliminating the potential for any mess. With a free afternoon and a trash bag, you can reorganize your space and curb the disarray. Plus, Baer's expert tips can be used to transform more than just your bathroom.

Product management is key to an organized bathroom

Fortunately, "Bathroom cabinets can be somewhat easy to declutter because they have expired items (just like a pantry)," Maria Baer told House Digest. Getting rid of those products past their date is the first step in transforming your space. All the old cough syrups and shampoos are items you can declutter in your bathroom today. Simply check medications and prescription bottles for their use-by date and toss the ones that have gone bad. Keep in mind, instead of a particular month and year expiry date, some beauty products will have a shelf life number stamped on the bottom of the container. This number signifies how many months the item is usable for after it is opened.

Once all your expired products are discarded, Baer shared, "We always recommend keeping your daily use items in one or two easy-to-reach drawers, and everything else in a linen closet or the upper shelves of a cabinet (while we don't want you to forget about those items, we also don't want you to have to rifle through hundreds of products just to find the 5 or 6 you use on a daily basis)." Prioritizing the toiletries you use often will prevent your space from becoming crowded and hard to clean.

Expert-approved products to declutter your bathroom cabinets

To help with cleaning out your bathroom cabinets, Maria Baer exclusively shared her top organizational products with House Digest. "We love the STAK bins from Container Store, which have adjustable dividers," the expert said. "They come in so many widths/heights/depths that there is almost always an option for your drawer or cabinet that will fit your collection of a particular category." Prices for the bins range from $3.49 for the smallest size to $16.99 for the largest capacity. Adding labels to the outside of each container is another way to sort your products and keep everything organized.

For decluttering under your bathroom sink, Baer suggests "adding a pull-out drawer system, like this option from Container Store or a turntable that can be pulled out each day with your favorite products." Pull-out drawers are a great solution for utilizing vertical space underneath the bathroom sink, while a turntable takes advantage of tight corners, making hard-to-reach places more accessible. However, you don't have to always go out and buy more things. You can DIY your own bathroom storage with these leftover items around the house.