16 Clever Ways To Repurpose Old Pot And Pan Lids Around Your Home And Garden

Pots and pans are an absolute essential in the kitchen, but often, the lids that complete the set leave you with more of a headache than anything else. Because of their shape, lids can be difficult to store, and you might even find yourself with more than you need in your cabinet, thanks to the fact that pots and pans that are the same size can typically fit the same lid. If this is the case for you — or you're just one of the 82.8% of people who say they're likely or very likely to start a decluttering project in the next six months (via Budget Dumpster) — you're in luck.

Instead of trashing these lids, consider upcycling them into other items you can use around the house. Pot and pan lids are designed to be food-safe and withstand rough handling and high temperatures, so they're surprisingly sturdy, even when incorporated into unexpected projects. Add on the fact that they're usually a fairly simple design and come in a wide array of sizes, and you have a material that's fit for a range of creative projects. With a creative eye and a few additional materials, you can transform your annoying kitchen clutter into something you'd never expect.

Hanging bird bath

Bird baths are a great way to support local bird populations, especially during dry periods, but there's no reason you have to shell out a ton of money on such a simple lawn ornament. If you have a pot lid without a hole for steam and a few pieces of chain, you'll be able to create a hanging bird bath in just a few minutes. Make a diamond shape out of four pieces of chain, then place the lid with the handle down in the center of this shape. After securing the chain to a branch, you're ready to fill the bath with water.

Coat rack

You can repurpose plenty of different items as unique wall hooks around the house, but this idea makes for a perfect addition to your kitchen. Wall space is often underutilized, but pot lids can easily be transformed into hooks to hold onto towels, aprons, and even cooking utensils. After giving them a good clean, secure your lids to a wood backing using glue or a couple of screws to make a rack. If you want a more minimalist look, you can also hang the lids directly on your wall by balancing the metal lip on a screw, Command hook, or nail.

Bird feeder

Bird feeders come in a wide array of different designs, but this DIY strips it down to its essentials. If you have two pot lids — one larger, one smaller — you're already halfway there. Remove the handles from your lids, then insert a thin metal bar through the holes. After securing both lids in place, attach your build to a lawn hook with a clip. Once you're done, fill the smaller lid on the bottom with birdseed and enjoy watching your visitors. The top lid will block the sun and keep the seed relatively dry, meaning you won't have to replace it as often.

Wall clock

While it might seem like a complex project at first glance, wall clocks are actually one of the easiest things you can build yourself. All you need is a base — something round if you're going for a traditional look — and a clock kit. Pot lids make for the perfect starting point because of their shape and the fact that they typically already have a hole drilled through the middle. Therefore, to make your own wall clock out of a pot lid, you only need to remove the handle, install the arms and motor included in your clock kit, and set it to the appropriate time.

Halloween decoration

Decking out your home for each holiday can be expensive, but there are plenty of different cheap and easy Halloween decorations you can DIY. This adorable jack-o-lantern idea is one of the simplest, and it only requires an old pot lid and some paint. If your pot lid isn't already your desired color, give it a coat of paint to act as a base. Orange is, of course, the classic option, but purple, green, and even glow-in-the-dark paint could be fun too. From there, add on your jack-o-lantern's face, using the hardware on the cookware lid as a nose.

Snowman decoration

Pot lids can be used for Halloween décor, but that's not the only holiday they're a good fit for. If you have three pot lids, you can easily create an adorable snowman decoration to carry you through the winter season. Paint your lids white, then remove the handles on the top and bottom lids. On the top, create a carrot-shaped nose and use the hole to mount it. Continue adding details like eyes, a mouth, stick arms, and a hat, then mount the entire thing on a pole so you can display it in your yard.

Wind chime

Wind chimes can be made from almost anything, so they're the perfect project for repurposing old items you're unsure what to do with. Cookware lids, in particular, can make for a great base when suspended, standing upright, and lying flat. After choosing your orientation and figuring out how to mount your wind chime, it's time to start suspending your chosen items. Whatever you choose will make a slightly different sound, so get creative with other materials and shapes until you find a combination that you enjoy listening to.

Decorative tray

Decorative and organizational trays can help to reduce the clutter in a space and make your décor look more intentional. They're also super simple to create yourself. If you have an old pot lid, remove the handle, then flip it upside down. Give it a coat of paint if you want to disguise the fact that it's a pot lid, or if you're not a fan of the color, then glue on some feet to stabilize the domed shape. Once you're done assembling, this tray can be used for anything from holding keys by the front door to grouping together your favorite knickknacks.

Wall décor

Sometimes, repurposing items is as simple as switching up your perspective on them. If you have a pot lid that you particularly enjoy the look of, especially if it's a unique vintage style or a fun color, consider just mounting it on the wall. Hang one pot lid as an eclectic décor piece to help fill awkward wall space, or pair it with other found and repurposed objects to create the perfect gallery wall. If the lid you're working with isn't anything interesting, however, don't fret. Even the most boring lids can be transformed with a creative paint job.

Freestanding birdbath

Hanging bird baths are great for areas with accessible and healthy branches, but if you're looking for something more flexible when it comes to placement, consider making something freestanding. This idea is deceptively simple, despite the polished final look, and only requires four things: a pot lid without a hole, a large candlestick holder, strong glue (like E6000), and paint, if desired. Flip your pot lid upside down, glue it to the candlestick holder, and coat everything in paint to make it look like one piece. Fill the top with water, and you're ready to enjoy watching the birds in your backyard.

Pendant light

There are plenty of different shapes that pendant lights come in, but one of the most common includes a wide metal shade that fits in perfectly with mid-century modern, minimalist, and industrial aesthetics. What many don't consider, however, is just how similar these shades look to a simple pot lid. If you have an existing pendant light in need of a new shade, try swapping it for a pot lid to see if you like the look. On lids with removable handles, you might not even have to drill a hole to run the wiring, making for a much simpler and less demanding project.

Cleaning tool

Ensuring your upholstery stays spotless can be a challenge, but TikTok's latest cleaning hack can help reduce the amount of work you have to put in during your next deep clean. For this hack, you'll need an old pot lid, a rag, and your soap of choice. Fill your sink or a bucket with some soapy water, then soak your rag in the mixture. Tie this rag around your pot lid, connecting the corners at the handle. Once the fabric is secured, you can use the lid to help you scrub your upholstery more conveniently than if you used the rag alone.

Stencil for art projects

While they're one of the simplest shapes out there, circles are one of the hardest things to draw. In most cases, an approximation that looks a bit more like an oval will still do the trick, but if you need a perfect finish for a craft or DIY project, you might need the help of a stencil. Lay your pot lid down on the surface of your paper or fabric, then trace around the edge to get a flawless shape. For an even more precise look, you can also coat the edge of the pot lid in paint or chalk and use it as a stamp.

Decorative wall display

If you're looking for an unusual piece of wall art that will add a unique touch to your home on a budget, consider making a wall display out of old pot lids. Combine lids from the same set for a consistent look, or mix and match different colors, sizes, and styles if you're looking for something more eclectic. The rules of this project are completely up to you, so don't be afraid to experiment with different combinations, give your pot lids a coat of paint, or change up your placements until you're left with a final product you love.

Scissors storage

If your pot's lid has a C-shaped handle rather than a knob, you have a whole new world of possibilities you can explore. These lids can be easily mounted on the wall just like any other pot lid, but the open space beneath the handle can be used as a convenient storage spot for your go-to pair of kitchen shears, gardening snippers, or fabric scissors. Hang your lid in an easily accessible location with the handle angled parallel to the floor, then place your scissors in the gap. The wide handle will prevent them from falling through the hole while ensuring they're easy to grab.

Toy shield

Getting creative with the items you have around during playtime is almost as important as playtime itself, so if you have some old pot lids that aren't getting enough use in the kitchen, consider retiring them to the toy bin. As it turns out, larger pot lids can make for a perfect base for a shield. Remove the handle, if possible, then screw it back in so it faces the inside of the lid. Top everything off with a coat of paint to mimic your child's favorite superhero or a noble knight, and you're left with a shield that can be easily held from the inside during playtime.