If You're Finding Oil Stains On Your Freshly Dried Clothes, This Could Be Why

When you finish doing a load of laundry, taking it out of the dryer only to discover greasy stains on your clothing can be frustrating. You may be thinking you must have missed the stains before throwing the clothes in the wash, but your dryer sheets could be the culprit. While dryer sheets are primarily used to reduce static electricity on your garments, many versions are also covered with fabric softeners. These softeners can sometimes rub off the sheets and onto your clothing, leaving splotches of residue that look similar to oil stains.

One way to identify if dryer sheets are causing the stains on your clothing is to check if multiple items have marks when you remove them. You may be wondering if you should stop using dryer sheets immediately, but there are several ways to try to prevent these stains from occurring and they shouldn't be too hard to remove. By investing in quality dryer sheets and making sure not to overload your dryer, you won't have to worry about fabric softener stains.

How dryer sheets cause oily stains on your clothes

Though these fabric softening sheets can be super helpful while doing laundry and other household chores, making laundry mistakes could result in stains. When you put an abundance of clothes in your dryer, the items will have a harder time moving around inside the machine. This can cause your dryer sheet to get stuck in one spot. As it gets hot, the fabric softener in the sheet will melt onto the clothes it's touching and possibly onto the dryer as well, leaving you with annoying, greasy stains. This can be easily prevented by making sure your dryer isn't too full.

These stains may also occur in dryers that have a steam cycle or with dryer sheets that are of a lesser quality. These could be inexpensive, off-brand options, or any dryer sheets that don't seem well-made. If you know you're not overloading your dryer, try cutting your dryer sheets into halves or quarters and using a smaller piece. You could also experiment with a different brand to see if it doesn't stain as easily.

Removing grease stains caused by dryer sheets

For those who already have some clothes stained by dryer sheets, a little soap could help. To get these unsightly fabric softener stains out of your clothing, try scrubbing the area with a bar of soap and then washing the items again without detergent. A small amount of dish soap could be used as well. This should help to break down the stain and aid in washing out any residue left by the dryer sheet. You might also try removing the stain with vinegar.

Start by rinsing the clothing in cold water to try to get some of that fabric softener out of the material. Now, spritz a solution of half water and half white vinegar onto the stain and scrub to ensure the vinegar gets into the fabric. Leave the vinegar on the fabric for about 15 minutes before rinsing it again. You can repeat the process if the dryer sheet stain is particularly stubborn. For those that take all the precautions and still find oil stains on their laundry, you might try repurposing dryer sheets to freshen up your smelly bathroom instead of using them for their original purpose.