What To Know About The IKEA MORGEDAL Mattress Based On Reviews

IKEA has put itself on the home supply map in a big way; it is one of the most well-known brands for affordable home products and has grown to be the one of the world's biggest furniture supplier. While there is a lot to love about IKEA's offerings — including low prices and practically limitless products to test out — there are plenty of items that you should never buy from IKEA. Their $300 (queen price) MORGEDAL mattress might be another one to steer clear of.

The MORGEDAL is economically priced, making it an alluring product for individuals with a limited budget and lovers of a good deal. Satisfied customers credit their happiness to the mattress' overall comfort: "So comfortable and firm. Good for your back and gives you a good night sleep," one 5-star reviewer wrote. Another writes, "My entire family is so satisfied and comfortable with this mattress ... super quality and it never gets flat." Despite the praise it has received from some buyers, the reviews are mixed enough (180 1-star reviews out of 1,044) to give pause if you are considering purchasing one and hoping for a high-quality mattress that will last a long time. 

Why doesn't MORGEDAL measure up?

From its product page, the MORGEDAL is promoted as an affordable and "resilient foam mattress." The company claims that the mattress is designed to absorb your movements and lend itself to a more restful night's sleep. Critical customers, however, complain about its poor quality and how quickly it shows signs of wear and tear. "After just one year of use, the mattress began to show significant wear, with my shape permanently imprinted on it, making it uncomfortable to sleep on," one buyer complained. It also seems to suffer from some quality control issues, with multiple customers stating that the sizing was inaccurate: "It's 15 cm thin, not 18 cm, the description is wrong," one customer wrote.

The mattress comes with a 10-year limited warranty, which covers foam core defects. You must retain your proof of purchase to tap into the warranty, however. "Despite reaching out to IKEA about the quality issue and expressing my dissatisfaction, they showed little concern for customer satisfaction," one unhappy customer wrote about their experience. An important characteristic to remember about MORGEDAL is its method of shipping: because it arrives in compressed form, it comes with specific pre-use instructions. Namely, it requires 72 hours to fully expand and may give off a harmless, but bothersome, odor for the first few days (though this should dissipate on its own, you can vacuum the mattress to reduce the smell faster or clean your mattress naturally).

How do other IKEA mattresses fare?

Given the vast number of unsatisfied customers who selected the MORGEDAL, it might be best to avoid purchasing this particular item. While IKEA does offer store credit for returns, figuring out how to get a failed mattress back into the store could be a huge hassle (one customer review mentions having to find a pickup truck to transport it) and a refund might also be rejected, depending on the mattress' condition at the time of return. However, if you are hoping to find an affordable mattress for yourself or someone else, IKEA may still have something to offer you.

The HAUGESUND spring mattress ($349 for queen) is a more popular option than the MORGEDAL, with only 104 1-star reviews out of a total of 1,270 ratings. But bear in mind that if you're a foam mattress loyalist, there are reasons you should never buy a mattress from IKEA, as many have complained of poor durability and firmness. If you happen to have already committed to a MORGEDAL mattress, remember that a mattress topper could provide an added degree of comfort, should you need more padding.