This Paint Roller Hack Makes Cleaning Your Dusty Home A Breeze

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Dusting can be one of the most challenging cleaning tasks because of all of the hard-to-reach places that collect these unsightly particles. However, it is also one of the most important components of keeping your home tidy, especially for those who suffer from dust allergies. Dusters make this cleaning task easier, but you might not always have one on hand. Additionally, you may have a duster that doesn't quite reach the space you need to clean. If you have a paint roller, rubber bands, and a microfiber cleaning cloth on hand, you can create a convenient dust-cleaning tool that is perfect for cleaning ceiling fan blades, shelves, and more.

To build this tool, simply wrap a microfiber cloth around your paint roller cover and secure it with rubber bands. This will help the DIY duster stay intact as you dust. After you have put everything together, use your duster to clean areas around your house that you would not normally be able to reach. You might also want to consider dusting spaces that you often forget to clean. Air vents, ceilings, light fixtures, and windows positioned out of reach might not receive as much attention as they should on those deep cleaning days. This DIY tool should make it easier to dust those areas, so take advantage of the convenience it offers.

How to get the most out of this DIY duster

In order to get the most out of this DIY, you will need to make sure you have the right paint roller. A short paint roller will not be very useful because it can't help you reach dust hard-to-reach spaces. You will need a longer roller, like the Mr. LongArm Polyester 9-Inch Paint Roller sold by Lowe's for $12.86. Amazon also sells an extendable 6-foot paint roller that can be adjusted to your desired height. It is priced at $23.99.

After using your DIY duster, you might want to take steps to minimize dust buildup in your home. This can help reduce the frequency of your dust cleanup sessions. Shoes are some of the main factors in dust buildup, because the grime you bring in on your feet from outdoors can eventually create these particles. Consider taking your shoes off before you enter your home to prevent this. You can place a shoe organizer right outside of your front door or in your garage to make this more practical.

The dirt, grime, and fur that pets scatter around the house can also be a source of dust. Stay on top of routine pet grooming to reduce this. Finally, consider purchasing an air purifier to decrease the amount of dust particles floating around in your home. If you have dust allergies, you might be particularly sensitive to this kind of debris, so an air purifier would be a great investment.