Tips For Picking Out The Perfect Size Light Fixtures For Your Bathroom Vanity

Approximately 100 years ago, bathroom vanities were referred to as "toilet tables" and used as washrooms for men and women to rinse themselves clean, complete with a single basin placed atop its stand. Today, modern bathroom vanities are much different than they once were — they're home to some of our most sacred rituals, including brushing our teeth, washing our face, and perfecting that winged eyeliner look, all of which depend on proper lighting. If you want to turn things up a notch, consider attaching some chic lighting fixtures to transform these routines into glamorous habits while turning your bathroom into an illuminated landscape.

Besides their ability to light up the room, there are many reasons why you should make the effort to find the perfect size light fixtures for your bathroom vanity. For starters, amping up your bathroom's appeal will help create a cozy environment that encourages you to relax and get clean. You can better optimize the space when you feel it's designed to your liking, makes you feel comfortable, and welcomes guests to take a peek in the mirror before leaving the bathroom. But how do you know what lighting options are for you?

How to select the right lighting fixture for you

The best way to start is by starting early. One way to do this is by familiarizing yourself with the space — consider factors like size, height, width, style, design, and needs before browsing through light fixtures at your local hardware store. For vanity lighting, you may choose to place two light fixtures on both sides of your mirror, a long overheard plank above the mirror, or an illuminating light placed behind the mirror. Double sinks may call for an individual light above both mirrors. Depending on the design aesthetic of your bathroom, your choices may differ.

You'll also want to consider what materials you're interested in working with. Chrome, nickel, and stainless steel are some popular choices made by homeowners. In addition, you'll want to be clear about light bulb wattage so that you're not faced with an unwelcoming harsh light in the morning. Low-wattage light bulbs are typically best for the bathroom vanity, while frosted bulbs can provide illumination and help diffuse the bright undertones of vanity lighting. Finally, ensure that the light bulb fits inside the chosen fixture. Once you're set on these factors, you should be ready for installation.

How to install bathroom vanity lighting fixtures

Once you've selected the best vanity lights for your bathroom, it's time for the installation. You'll want to start by measuring the dimensions of the area of installation to ensure the surface is prepped and ready — that might include making refinements by painting, spackling, and sanding the surface. Using a pencil, hold the fixture against the wall and trace an outline of the object and where you intend for it to go. After confirming the placement, head to your circuit breaker box and turn off all your bathroom lights before moving forward with installation.

Start by installing the mounting plate that comes with your new vanity light fixtures. You'll likely need a drill to secure the nuts and bolts of your base. Once you've completed the instructional guide on wiring connections with your specific light fixture, you may attach the light to the mounting plate. Any extra wiring can be tucked into the electrical box to maintain the aesthetic you're going for. After ensuring that your project is complete, head back to the circuit breaker box and turn the lights back on to enjoy your new vanity light fixtures.