Use These Household Items To Make Cleaning Your Hummingbird Feeder So Simple

Most bird lovers know that it's crucial to keep your feeders clean so that your feathered friends don't get sick, and this is especially true for hummingbirds. The nectar inside these feeders is prone to spoiling or fermenting, making it extra important to ensure the feeder is thoroughly washed about once a week. Surprisingly, some unscented dish soap, water, and rice can help get all the muck and grime out of your hummingbird feeder quickly and easily.

By soaking your hummingbird feeder in a solution of hot water and dish soap, you can loosen any debris from it, making it easier to scrub later. If you're having difficulty scrubbing all the tiny crevices or can't fit a brush through the top of your feeder, rice will do the hard work for you. Because it is slightly abrasive, uncooked rice can help to scrape any gunk from your feeder without damaging it. Not washing your feeder thoroughly enough or frequently enough is a mistake many make when cleaning hummingbird feeders, but this rice hack will ensure your feeder is as clean as can be. You may also choose to use vinegar instead of dish soap to help disinfect your feeder.

Cleaning your hummingbird feeder with rice

After throwing out any leftover nectar, you'll need to take your feeder apart. Disassembling all the parts of your feeder is a crucial step you might be forgetting when cleaning your hummingbird feeder, but it's necessary to ensure that every piece is washed well. Now, you'll be able to set all components of the feeder into a sink or bucket with hot water and unscented dish soap. Leave the pieces to soak for about two hours, which will help to soften any dried nectar.

After the feeder has soaked, add up to a ¼ cup of uncooked rice, some hot water, and a little dish soap to the main compartment, making sure that it's only about two thirds of the way full. Place the top piece on and vigorously shake the feeder to move the rice around. This will allow it to scrub any areas that you can't reach with a brush and make sure that your hummingbird feeder is squeaky clean. Discard the rice after washing and rinse all parts of your feeder in very hot water until you're sure there's no more soap. Finally, allow the items to air dry fully before filling them with nectar again.

Disinfecting your hummingbird feeder with vinegar

Even if you clean your feeder regularly, you might be concerned about lingering bacteria or germs that could harm your hummingbirds. Luckily, a little white vinegar can help you easily clean your hummingbird feeder and keep it in tip-top shape. Vinegar has antibacterial properties because of the acetic acid it contains, making it a great natural choice for disinfecting. Some may choose to clean their feeders with vinegar rather than soap to avoid dealing with the residues from detergents.

To disinfect your feeder, simply swap vinegar for dish soap when soaking the pieces. Fill your bucket with two parts of water and one part of vinegar, and let your hummingbird feeder sit in the solution for a couple of hours before rinsing it out. You can also use rice, water, and vinegar instead of dish soap to scrub your feeder as well. Rinse the feeder and allow it to dry fully before refilling it and putting it back outside for the birds to enjoy. With these tricks, your hummingbird feeder with be safe and clean for your feathered friends.