The Beautiful Orchid That Will Make Your Home Smell Sweeter

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Have you always wondered how to successfully care for indoor orchids? If so, you're probably looking to add some floral fragrance to your home while bringing in natural design elements. Yes, orchids are beautiful to look at, but they add so much more than aesthetics. Some say an enticing new smell helps encourage your productivity, and aromatic house plants are a great alternative to essential oil diffusers. The Lady of the Night orchid, also called Brassavola nodosa is a gorgeous white orchid that can enhance the overall scent of your home, especially at night when it is most fragrant. The smell is often described as sweet and citrusy, and since it's a neutral color, it complements every design scheme. An interesting thing about this plant is that its scent is most prominent at night because it is meant to attract night pollinators like moths.

If shopping online, you can find a blooming-size Lady of the Night orchid which means you'll notice its fragrant white buds after it arrives, or you can also purchase plants with blooms or spikes, but there's a chance they could be damaged in transit. If you're worried about this, then visit a local garden center to see if they have any of these beautiful orchids for sale. 

Caring for your Lady of the Night orchid

Once you have your plant, you just need to find the perfect place in your home for it. If you're new to indoor gardening and want to grow orchids in your house, your bathroom's humidity levels make it the best location. However, you could also purchase a humidifier, humidity tray, or a humidistat to check on your home's humidity levels. Regardless of the time of year, these plants need about 80% humidity and comfortable temperatures.

The great thing about a Lady of the Night orchid is that you can plant them in modestly sized pots, making them ideal for any space. This means you can easily amplify any space with these beautiful, fragrant flowers without worrying about how much room they take up. You can buy a planter on Amazon for $35, choosing from a variety of styles and colors that best match your home's decor. However, if you're someone who loves to upcycle, save money, and keep waste out of landfills, consider using an old mug or a decorative teapot for orchids on the smaller side. 

When well cared for, an indoor Lady of the Night orchid will bloom all year long. According to Orchid Republic, they prefer plenty of bright light, warm, temperatures, humidity, and consistently moist soil or potting medium.