These Dollar Tree Floating Shelves Look Great, But There's A Catch

Do you want to transform your space with floating shelves? That convenient design can help you hang items without taking up as much space as traditional shelving options. Plus, the floating design will embellish your space with modern flair. Still, you should choose a high-quality and attractive option, as not doing so can lead to a minor disaster. One option is the floating shelves available for $1.25 at Dollar Tree.

The minimum quantity is 24 per order, costing $30 for each order, so keep that in mind before purchasing the plastic shelves online. Many reviewers love these items, noting that they help hang crafts, makeup, collectibles, and other items. Customers also love how the shelves look. However, these floating shelves aren't as sturdy as they seem. So, think twice before buying them if you plan to hang something heavy or fragile, as your objects could — literally — come crashing down, leading to a mess.

TikTok demonstrated the product's lack of durability

While the Dollar Tree floating shelves might initially seem perfect, TikTok user @adashofmichaela showed how the shelf failed to hold an object when she attempted to decorate the shelf with bathroom products. The shelves looked great "floating" on the bathroom wall, but when the person in the video tried to put a bottle of Poo-Pourri next to another small bottle on one of the shelves, the side of the shelf fell, which the TikTok user appropriately described as a "fail."

In the post's caption, the TikToker noted that she didn't correctly install the shelf, which could have led to the fall. However, the way it fell so quickly and the fact that the bottle didn't even look super heavy indicates these shelves still are not particularly sturdy. Someone in the comments who noted that they have the same floating shelves also advised against putting heavy objects on them. Thus, while these floating shelves are chic, affordable, and excellent options for ultra-light and small objects, they aren't reliable for supporting much else.

Check out these sturdier alternatives

If you aren't comfortable with the Dollar Tree floating shelves due to worries about their durability, keep in mind that different floating shelves can do a better job. For example, consider the handmade rustic wood floating shelves available for about $45 at Bed Bath & Beyond. Many reviewers note that they enjoy using these sturdy floating shelves to hold various objects.

Another option is the Giftgarden 16-inch floating shelves selling for around $20 at Walmart. Many reviewers appreciate the quality and like using them in different areas of their homes. Or, check out the Sorbus floating shelves, which you can purchase for just under $40 at Kohl's, where they received high scores for quality and value. While these options are much more expensive than the Dollar Tree item, remember that extra sturdiness and higher quality are worth paying a little more in the long term.