The Kitchen Island Design Tip That Will Make Your Space Feel More Open

When designing a small kitchen, you have to consider different layouts and unique visual tricks to make the space seem bigger. Things like having an all-white color scheme or deciding to go without hardware on the cabinets can help create the illusion of more openness and make the room feel more liveable. One tip we've come across has to do with kitchen islands. By getting one that's open underneath, you get to enjoy having an island without losing visual space.

Islands have become must-haves in modern kitchens. They provide additional counter space and make the kitchen look more luxurious, two things that add value to the home as a whole. Still, they are constantly evolving and something we expect to see more of in 2024 is multifunctional kitchen islands. As people seek more practical home designs, they will want their islands to be versatile, multipurpose pieces of furniture, which is why different types of storage options will become must-haves within this must-have.

Open kitchen islands

Including an island in a kitchen can be tricky because it means sacrificing a good amount of space. However, open shelving can make all the difference. Whether you use the bottom of the island for storage or can get away with leaving it bare, it will make the space feel more open because seeing through the island will trick the eye. It's kind of the same idea behind using glass cabinet doors. Being able to see through these surfaces, which are typically blocked off, opens up the room and makes it feel more spacious as a result.

As you embrace the idea of an open kitchen island, don't neglect the details. The bar stools or chairs you use should match the island's structure in openness. They shouldn't be so thick and chunky that they cover the opening on the island because that would defeat the purpose. Slim, sleek, backless chairs would work very well. Baskets are another add-on that can help pull everything together. Instead of leaving your plates or other kitchen items bare on the island shelves, store everything in matching storage baskets to maintain a cohesive, organized look.