15 Clever Ways To Repurpose Old Mason Jar Lids In Your Home And Garden

Mason jars are very useful around the house for everything from canning foods to planting herbs. However, it's not just the glass body that makes this item worthwhile, as the lid is just as handy. The Mason jar lid has a removable ring and slim profile. Plus it's made from sturdy metal, making it great for repurposing around your house or backyard. The lids (not the rings) are single-use for purposes like canning, as they can only be properly sealed one time. Therefore, once you've used these lids for their original purpose, you may be wondering how to reuse them. We have listed 15 different ways you can recycle these lids for home decor, supplies, and garden accessories.

All of our upcycling projects utilize Mason jar lids, but the majority of these hacks can be completed with other glass jar tops as well. Even the lids from plastic containers or spice bottles can work to pull off some of these DIY projects. If you don't have any extra Mason jar lids, our clever upcycling ideas may encourage you to buy some. You can purchase a pack of 24 lids with the canning rings on Amazon for $13. So gather your tops and see what they can become. And, if you're looking for ways to repurpose your Mason jars as well, check out our ideas for how to reuse old glass jars around your house.

1. Give your drinks a place to rest

You can save your Mason jar lids for DIY coasters that are super easy to make. All you need is a corkboard and hot glue. Cut the cork to fit inside the lid and secure it with the adhesive. The homemade coasters can work for both hot and cold drinks. This is a stylish way to protect furniture from condensation and water rings. Plus, you can decorate the lids to your heart's content with paint, vinyl prints, and other art supplies.

2. Bake mini desserts

Mason jar lids are the ideal size for individual desserts. You can bake a variety of mini pies, tarts, cakes, and other delicious treats directly in the jar tops. These cute desserts are great for a dinner party, so guests can grab what they need without worrying about slicing and serving. You can also use the canning lids for bite-size appetizers like quiches and stuffed vegetables.

3. Buffer hot dishes

With multiple jar lids glued together, you can create a large coaster for your pitchers, kettles, pots, and pans. The repurposed lids will act as a buffer for your hot dishes, protecting your countertops from the high heat. Simply attach five or more lids together and cover it with a heat-resistant fabric. You can also use the large coaster as a dinner plate charger or decorative platter under candles and vases.

4. Decorate with refrigerator magnets

Making refrigerator magnets is a crafty way to reuse Mason jar lids in the kitchen. You can use the interior flat top of the lid for a simple design or add the outer ring for a 3D effect. There are various ways you can decorate the magnet. Use lettering for personalized signage, decoupage napkins for an artful finish, or mold clay for mini figurines. Once the lid is styled, glue a magnet strip to the back and attach it to your appliance.

5. Display family photos

Mason jar lids can work as small frames for your family photos. Simply glue your picture onto the lid top and it is ready to be displayed. You can punch a hole at the top of the Mason jar lid and loop thread, ribbon, or twine to hang the photo like an ornament. Another way to display the picture is to add a magnet or kickstand on the back of the lid.

6. Craft gift tags

A special way to personalize presents is with a homemade gift tag, and you can make these custom markers out of Mason jar lids. Simply cover the top with paint or stationary before embellishing it with your special message. Then, punch a hole in the top to add a loop and secure the tag to gift bags or tie it around wrapped presents.

7. Make a candle holder

A candle holder is another decorative item your Mason jar lid can become. Turn the lid upside down and place the candle in the center. With a little primer and paint, no one will even know that it was a jar topper in its past life. Adding baking soda or sand to the paint to give the color texture is an easy way to add dimension and enhance the look. You can further style the holder with beads, coins, or wood dowels around the ring to elevate the design.

8. Fashion a coin purse

If you're nifty with a sewing needle, you can transform your old jar lid into a coin purse. This is a stellar way to repurpose the item and can be a chic homemade gift as well. You'll need two lids for this upcycling project as well as fabric, stuffing, and a zipper. You'll glue the stuffing to the lids, cover them with fabric, and attach them together with the zipper. Once everything is assembled, you'll have a pocket-sized pouch where you can store keys, coins, cash, and other small items.

9. Turn it into autumn decor

Fall pumpkin decor is another ornate creation you can make from Mason jar lids. For this autumn emblem, you'll need a handful of jar rings and craft wire. Just string the canning rings on the wire, and when it reaches your desired fullness, twist the metal wire to tie it off. The pumpkin doesn't have to be the traditional orange. You can use washi tape or spray paint to decorate it in different colors and patterns. Cinnamon sticks, mini branches, or pipe cleaners are also stellar options for the pumpkin stem.

10. Ornament the Christmas tree

Mason jar lids are also ideal for the Christmas season. You can use the tops to make hanging tree ornaments. First, decorate the metal to match your holiday aesthetic. Pom poms, glitter, and stickers are a few easy-to-use craft supplies that are ideal for embellishing the metal rings. Then, you can fill the center with photographs, quotes, faux branches, and other sentimental pieces to finish the design. Finally, add a string to hang the DIY ornaments on your tree or around your home.

11. Upgrade your holiday wreath

A unique way to use an old jar lid is as a decal to upgrade a door wreath. You can turn a spring wreath into an Easter one by making a jar lid bunny. Simply attach two Mason jar tops to form the rabbit's body, cover it with white fabric, and then finish it off with pipe cleaner ears and a ribbon bow tie. You can also make spiders for Halloween, a snowman for Christmas, or four-leaf clovers for St. Patrick's Day and swap out the decals to celebrate your favorite holidays with style.

12. DIY a windchime

Wind chimes are a sensory delight that can help you connect with nature while easing stress and boosting relaxation. With a metal can, twine, and a few Mason jar lids, you can DIY your own wind chime. Jar tops varying in size are best for creating nuanced sounds. All you need to do is hang the lids from the bottom of the metal can and suspend the can outside. The wind will do the rest, clanging the lids together. You can also paint the can and jar lids to elevate the look of the musical statement piece.

13. Create a mini terrarium

One more decorative piece you can make with old Mason jar lids is a mini terrarium ornament. You can glue faux moss, foliage, and flowers onto the face of the container top. Punch a hole in the lid or attach a clip to the back and thread string to hang the ornament. It is a simple yet chic mini decor piece that you can dangle anywhere inside your home.

14. Feed the birds

With a DIY jar lid bird feeder, these container tops can become a treat for your feathered friends. For this bird feed recipe, you'll turn the seed mix into a sticky dough that will harden and hang upright in the Mason jar lid. You'll need your local bird's favorite seeds, a binder like unflavored gelatin, and the jar with its canning ring. Once everything is combined, press the sticky seed mixture into the rings and let it harden. Then, you can hang it around your yard for the frequent flyers to enjoy.

15. Label your plants

Homemade plant labels are a clever way for you to reuse old jar lids in your garden. Use a branch or stake for the base and attach the jar top for the label's head. You can decorate the piece however you'd like with paint or decals before adding the names of your plants in the center. The metal lid should stand up to the elements and can be reused for many growing seasons.