The Flooring Material That Will Give Your Kitchen Warm, Laid-Back Vibes

Are you trying to find the best flooring options for your kitchen? Oak is an excellent choice, adding an elegant touch to help elevate and warm up kitchens of all sizes. "I would go for a hardwood such as oak, maple or cherry, as opposed to a softwood, for greater longevity — it is worth the investment," Rosie Ward, Ward & Co.'s creative director, told Homes & Gardens. Thus, hardwood oak flooring will be a long-lasting treat to make your kitchen look cozier.

Of course, before installing the flooring in your home, consider the price and potential drawbacks of the commitment. Oak flooring will likely cost between $5 and $11 for each square foot, and while it's a sturdy, appealing choice, it can start appearing yellow after a while if it gets subjected to a lot of sun. So, if you live in a sunny area and always leave many big windows open in your kitchen, be cautious. Still, no flooring is 100% perfect, and oak is an excellent investment for kitchen floors overall, as that rustic appearance is better for exuding laid-back energy than colder or more intense-looking tile or stone flooring options.

Red oak flooring is the best option for warming up your kitchen

Once you decide to invest in oak flooring for your kitchen, you'll have to face another crucial decision: do you want white or red? Both red oak and white oak are top-rated hardwood flooring options, so they each can make your kitchen look stunning. If price is a significant factor in your decision, you should know that red oak is usually the more affordable option, typically a dollar less than white oak for each square foot, and those dollars can add up quickly. But price aside, which oak flooring option is better for helping your kitchen achieve that warm and calming aesthetic?

Typically, red oak gives off a warmer vibe with pink and red tones, while white oak is more about chic, elegant energy with beige or brown tones. Therefore, while both white and red oak flooring can complement your kitchen, red is the better choice for anyone going for a warmer style. So, are you ready to invest in red oak flooring for a cozier and more laid-back-looking kitchen?