Create Beautiful Hanging Flower Globes For Your Porch With This Easy DIY

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Whether you love a delicate flower variety that could use extra protection from the wind or want to add visual interest to your outdoor decor, this quick TikTok DIY could make the perfect addition to your porch. The take on a hanging flower display will add cozy lighting and unique style to your outdoor space. By adding a second planter on top of a half-sphere hanging planter and attaching them with zip ties, gardeners can create a globe-style hanging flower fixture to spruce up the patio. This DIY hanging planter is extremely beginner-friendly and requires minimal materials. Regardless of experience level, gardeners can complete the project within 30 minutes.

You can source materials from just about any gardening department or hardware store, adding to the convenience and accessibility. You'll need two rounded hanging planters, which cost about $10 each at Home Depot. DIYers will need zip ties to connect the two, which Walmart sells in a pack of 100 for around $6. For the beautiful fairy light effect, purchase solar string lights in a color of your choice. Amazon sells them for about $6. If you'd like to attach the solar panel to the top of your creation, you could use Command strips, which retail for less than $3 at Target. All said, this project will cost about $35 in addition to the price of the flowers you use to fill the glimmering globe.

How to create a hanging flower globe

To make your own sparkly and gorgeous hanging planter globe, begin by planting the flowers of your choice inside a rounded hanging planter with a coco liner. Most any type of flower will work for this project as long as they're not more than 6 inches tall. Above that height, you may run into issues with them hitting the top of the globe. Once you have the flowers in place, take the coco liner out of the second hanging planter and flip it upside down on top of the full one.

To connect the planters, secure zip ties around the edge of both. Once you've secured them in place, remember that you won't be able to change the inside of your globe without cutting the zip ties, so arrange your flowers the way you'd like before sealing. Then, wrap the solar lights around the metal rods on each side, creating a twinkling globe effect.

Depending on where you plan to place your new flower globe, you might attach the solar panel to the top of the planter using Command strips or stake it into the ground. If you'd prefer to hang your new globe, stake a shepherd's hook near your patio or affix a planter hook to your home or deck. Ensure you place the solar panel in the path of plenty of sunlight during the day. Looking for more ways to put your plants on display? Check out this stunning TikTok DIY vertical planter door.