20 Creative IKEA Storage Hacks That Save Major Space In The Bathroom

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In all the hustle and bustle of the day, it's easy for bathrooms to become cluttered and messy. If you have a small bathroom, a lack of storage can make this problem even worse. There are plenty of items that can help organize your bathroom, including quite a few fabulous finds from IKEA's bathroom department. But if the products aren't quite cutting it with their intended use, you can use some creative alternatives to help them become more functional in your space. 

All of the projects on our list are easy to make or set up, and most of them require little to no tools. Plus, they take advantage of unused space, whether that's along a wall, in the gap between the toilet and tub, or in a space below cabinets. Whether the goal is to create hidden bathroom storage or practical decorative shelving, here are some IKEA product hacks to add space-saving storage to your bathroom.

Construct an easy DIY shelf for over the toilet

IKEA's Vesken shelf unit is one of the brand's best sellers. This DIY project makes the unit even more useful by adding wood on top to convert it into an over-the-toilet shelf. To start, you'll want to measure your space to make sure this shelving unit is a good fit beside your toilet. Then, choose a wood plank long enough to reach from where you'll place the unit, across the top of the toilet, to a nearby wall. Attach one side of the plank to the Vesken unit and the other side to the wall with shelf brackets. Or, for a more renter-friendly choice, consider adhesive brackets (like the Cieovo Adhesive Closet Brackets for $5.99 on Amazon). You can also make this DIY project with two Vesken units if you don't have a suitable wall to mount onto.

Make your own bathroom storage ladder

Sure, you've seen blanket ladders for the living room, but have you ever thought of adding a blanket ladder to your bathroom? This straightforward and budget-friendly IKEA hack uses an Ivar side unit as its base to create a toiletry storage ladder. This video from @bangonstyle shows you how to make the unit look a lot more stylish, but you can keep it as-is for a natural look. This DIYer uses pegs, but you can also use hooks for hanging items like towels and baskets. If you want to stick to the rustic look, grab a product like the Felidio Wood Wall Hooks on Amazon. But if you want to stick to IKEA products, the Högaffel and Jordborr hooks are great alternatives. 

A spice rack makes for an excellent display shelf and towel rack

The Bekväm spice rack is one of our favorite IKEA items for adding storage. It's a kitchen spice rack, but you can really install it to pretty much any wall to add slim storage that won't get in the way. It's so affordable too! The shelf only sticks out about four inches from the wall, so it's a great choice for small bathrooms. Flip it upside down to create a display shelf, then use the rod to hang your hand towels.

Use the spice rack right-side-up to store toiletries

Of course, you can always install the Bekväm spice rack right-side-up as well Plus, it's the perfect size to fit many skin care, makeup, and toiletry products. The rod across the front helps to keep stored items in place, a saving grace when you are hurriedly getting ready in the morning. Consider installing the racks beside your bathroom mirror and sink to keep your most-used products within easy reach — no more rustling through drawers or searching through the bathroom cabinet.

Slide storage bins in the space under a cabinet

It's easy to miss potential storage spaces when they're down low. if you have a wall-mounted bathroom cabinet or a vanity with legs, it might have some space underneath. Take advantage of this area by using bins or baskets that you can easily slide in and out. Since it is a bit harder to reach, you'll likely want to use this Ikea storage hack for your less-used items, like extra lotion and shampoo bottles. IKEA has lots of excellent basket options for you to choose from. You can upgrade to Kuggis boxes if you want one with a lid or Uppdatera bins for an easy-to-grab handle. Or, opt for the Åsunden woven bins if you don't like the look of plastic.

Stick a picture ledge on a wall for slim shelving

Using one of IKEA's picture ledges as a narrow shelf is another great storage hack for small spaces like bathrooms. This video uses a trendy transparent Melloesa version as a spot to line up cosmetics and decorations, using Gorilla Mounting Tape ($12.24 from Amazon) for no-drill mounting. This type of sleek narrow shelf is a gorgeous way to display your favorite products while also adding a bit of extra storage. Get some ideas for where to place your ledge with these stylish bathroom shelf ideas.

Repurpose shoe storage into bathroom storage

IKEA is well-known for its compact shoe storage units. The brand sells a few units that hold a large number of pairs, but don't take up a lot of space. These factors also make some units perfect for bathroom storage. This hack from @jolie.home.store takes advantage of the Ställ shoe cabinet to provide extra storage bins. Other options include the best-selling Trones and Hemnes shoe cabinets. All of these units are slim, so they won't take up a ton of floor space, and they have inner bins that are the perfect size for rolled-up face or hand towels as well as hair styling tools.

Drill knobs directly into the wall

Hooks are so convenient, but if you don't love how they look, there is a stylish alternative — knobs! There's something so quaint about using decorative knobs as hooks. Plus, they help you take advantage of vertical wall space, which is one of the best ways to organize a small bathroom. TikTok user @shemadehome uses the Lillasjön knobs and adds a basket for extra storage. You may need to use drywall anchors to install knobs to the wall so they can support more weight.

Take a layout template to the store to take full advantage of drawer space

Have you ever gone to IKEA to look for drawer organizers, then realized you're not sure what size you need? Of course, one solution is to measure everything out, but that can be a bit of a hassle. An easier way to get the job done is to take parchment paper and cut it exactly to the shape of your drawer. Bring this paper to the store, and you can test out different drawer organization configurations on your template so you know which organizers will fit!

Repurpose kitchen organizers in the bathroom

This hack uses utensil trays in the bathroom, turning a flatware holder into a toiletry organizer. IKEA has tons of options, and most end up much cheaper than buying separate bins. The Stödja and Smäcker trays are incredibly affordable, while something like the bamboo Uppdatera is a nicer-looking option. You can use other kitchen organization products in the bathroom as well, like the Uppdatera drawer pegboard for organizing hair accessories or the Uppdatera spice rack tray for displaying small makeup items.

Turn a towel bar into an open shelf (no tools needed)

If your towel bar isn't living up to its full potential, convert it to an open shelf instead. Best of all, this IKEA hack doesn't require any tools, so it's renter-friendly. This project from @ahousetohomey uses a Mosslanda picture ledge, flipping it over so it rests on the towel bar, and using Command strips to keep it in place. Heavy-duty Command Picture Hanging Strips ($17.82 from Amazon) will make sure the shelf stays in place, and the towel bar adds some extra support from below. IKEA has some other picture ledge options too. So, just measure your towel bar to find a suitable fit.

Clear storage boxes and pretty contact paper creates decorative in-drawer storage

IKEA has a few clear storage organizer options that are useful and affordable, but dare we say it, also a bit boring and plain. Contact paper can help to dress them up! You don't even have to put it on the actual storage boxes, which can be a finicky process. Instead, use your contact paper of choice to line the shelves. The contact paper will be visible through the clear organizers, making the inside of your drawers look a little prettier. Then, use labels to keep every item in its proper place

Use disassembled shelf units to add storage in tight spots

Putting IKEA furniture together can be a pain, but it's also what makes IKEA furniture so versatile. You can use some shelving units in their disassembled sections to add bathroom storage. In this video, @zoe_saves splits a Vesken unit in half to create under-sink storage. This hack is incredibly budget-friendly and makes it feel like you're getting two shelves in one, for an excellent price. You can use this idea for any shelving units that click together by level. The Runmarö is another larger option that works well for this trick.

A tension rod or curtain rod can add so much hanging storage

If you have a small bathroom, consider adding a rod across an entire wall to add so much storage potential. Renters and those who don't want to drill the rod in can use one of IKEA's tension rods. If you have the flexibility to drill into the wall, IKEA also has some lovely decorative curtain rods. Install the rod from wall to wall, then use S-hooks and other hanging accessories to store items. IKEA has some options, like the Hultarp, Kungsfors, and Sunnersta hooks. You can also add accessories like the Skubb hanging organizer and Daksjus hanging planter

Use two corner shelf units to add storage around a pedestal sink

Pedestal sinks look elegant but they're severely lacking in storage. If you're missing a roomy bathroom sink cabinet, use two IKEA corner shelves instead. The Vesken corner shelf is a great pick for this bathroom storage hack. It's a good size to fit around most pedestal sinks, it's so affordable and very easy to clean too. Place the shelves so the long side of the triangle shape is facing the sink, creating the illusion of built-in shelves. Guests will be none the wiser that this storage hack costs under $20!

Add storage and keep toilet paper within easy reach

If you have a bit of extra floor space near the toilet, this is a great two-in-one hack. It's especially useful if you have an awkwardly-placed toilet paper roll holder. This project uses the Baggebo cabinet, which is already an excellent storage cabinet in its own right, and installs a toilet roll holder to its sides. The surface is made of wire mesh. So, you can put the mounting screws right through one of the gaps instead of having to drill through a solid panel. You'll just want to measure the size of the toilet paper holder beforehand to make sure the screws line up with the gaps. Or, use a single-arm holder like the Glacier Bay Single Post Toilet Paper Holder for $14.98 from The Home Depot.

A pegboard over the sink makes for flexible storage

IKEA's Skådis line is so incredibly versatile, that there's a use for this system in pretty much any room, including the bathroom. You can place the pegboard on any free wall, but one particularly good spot is above the sink as a spot to store your day-to-day items. Storage baskets and containers keep your toiletries organized and easy to reach. Hooks, racks, and clips can provide a place to hang jewelry. And, if you can find a way to install a small mirror on the pegboard, even better!

You can also create a kid's bathroom space using a pegboard

Use IKEA's Skådis pegboard to make a kid-friendly bathroom station that's at the perfect height. And, if you move it up the wall every couple of years, it can grow with them! This IKEA bathroom hack takes advantage of lower wall areas that might be too low for you to install useful shelves for adults. Pick from the Skådis line to find the best accessories for your little one. Not only does it free up some storage space in your bathroom cabinets, but it keeps kid's items in an area that's easy for them to access (which also makes it easier for them to put stuff away).

Hide your cat's litter box in an affordable IKEA unit

If you're living in a small space with a cat, you might keep the litter box in your bathroom. With this hack, you can hide your cat's litter box, while adding a bit of extra bathroom storage. There are plenty of IKEA units you can convert into a hidden litter box unit. Not only will it cover the kitty's bathroom and contain the smell, but you can use any empty shelves and the top of the unit as extra storage space. The Bestå line and Småstad bench are perfect options for this DIY. Just keep in mind you'll need to saw a hole to create an entry for your cat. Some hardware stores (like The Home Depot) rent out saws for small projects. A reciprocating saw will do the trick, or of course, you can use a hand saw as well. 

DIY your own gorgeous linen storage cabinet

IKEA's Billy bookcase is one of the brand's top sellers. It's affordable, and it makes the perfect base for a range of IKEA hacks. This project from @thedoerandthedreamer opts for the bookcase with glass doors, then upgrades the color and hardware to make it look so much classier. The end result is a much nicer bathroom cabinet than the original bookcase. If you want your storage to be stylish, but hide the mess inside, the Billy with Högadal doors is a gorgeous alternative to glass doors.