TikTok Recommends These Two Power Tools For Any Home DIYer

Simple tools like hammers and staple guns are tools every homeowner should have because they don't need any experience to handle, while more advanced types of tools like drills and saws need a lot more caution and knowledge. Complex tasks call for complex tools, however, so it's important for the average DIYer to have the right ones in their arsenal and know how to use them. TikToker Surry Place specifically recommends the Ryobi Airstrike 18v Cordless Nail Gun and the Dewalt Cordless Compact Circular Saw for any home DIYer looking to advance (via TikTok). 

It's normal to be apprehensive about using power tools. To use them properly, you must learn all their ins and outs, as they can cause serious harm if things go wrong. This TikToker also used to feel intimidated until she found this cordless nail gun and compact saw and was able to build her confidence. "I spent years hand-sawing and hand-nailing things because I didn't want to learn, and all I could visualize was sawing my hand off," she shares in the TikTok caption. "But using power tools doesn't mean you have to jump right into the big ol miter saw or table saw. These are 2 items I love that are perfect for the beginner DIYer!"

The Ryobi Airstrike 18v Cordless Nail Gun

Nailing and hammering are very common tasks in home projects, so cordless nail guns like the Ryobi 18V ONE+ 18-Gauge Cordless AirStrike Brad Nailer help simplify the process significantly. Surry explains that it is quiet but powerful and just requires you to pull the trigger. "No compressor required for this! You just load in the nails (it can hold a range of sizes), adjust the depth of shot and power level, and squeeze the trigger. I use this for accent walls, trim, baseboards, etc." she explains (via TikTok). Having an air compressor is more for advanced professionals, so it's okay that this specific tool doesn't have one.

Ryobi ranks highly on House Digest's list of best power tool brands, so their Airstrike 18v Cordless Nail Gun can be a reliable product. Silhouette Park Farm on YouTube likes the safety precautions that are in place to get the gun to fire—it won't just go off automatically. Overall, he thinks it's a good product that comes in handy for specific projects, is simple to use, and is priced well. You can get this cordless nail gun with a 1.5 Ah battery and charger from Home Depot for $181.

The Dewalt Cordless Compact Circular Saw

A circular saw is also good for DIYers, especially beginners. It's a versatile saw that can cut through any wood, and it comes at a reasonable price point compared to others. Surry recommends the Dewalt Atomic 20V MAX* because it is small, handheld, versatile, and has a guide to help cut a straight line. "This is what I use to make straight cuts. It can rip through an 8' sheet of plywood or a small trim piece. It has a guide to cut the line straight, or I will trace the straight line with a pencil," she explains in the TikTok caption.

Number one on our list of the best power tool brands, Dewalt is a very successful and familiar brand in the world of construction and home improvement. You can get this specific product for $137 on Amazon. The reviews on the product page cosign it as a versatile saw that is easy and practical to use for a wide range of general DIY projects. As a DIYer, prioritize safety and exercise caution when using these and other power tools. You need to be familiar with how they work, use them with the appropriate safety gear, and research online if you're not sure about something.