What Reviews Are Saying About The TikTok-Famous Double Deck Shoe Organizers

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You can spend hours trying a useful organization method for your closet, but after using it for about a week, it often starts looking messy again. This is especially true of shoes, whose awkward shape often makes them difficult to store conveniently without taking up much room. However, a viral TikTok shows off a product that seems to make shoe organizing more simple and sleek. Cat from @copycatstyle on TikTok shows off the Neprock shoe organizer from Amazon. This product has an adjustable double-deck design that allows you to stack shoes, creating space-saving storage for all shoe types. The convincing video makes it look good, but are real buyers actually loving the product that much? On Amazon, the organizer has 4.2 out of 5 stars, with 59% of customers giving it 5 stars and 19% giving it 4 stars. Overall, it appears people are fans of this organizational product.

This shoe organizer is a great choice because it utilizes vertical space. Its stacking mechanism allows the shoes to be stored on top of each other, so you don't have to store them side-by-side, fitting more shoes on a shelf. It's important to note that this kind of organizer works best if you store your shoes on a shelf, the floor, or another flat surface. You'll also need some space above so the top shoe has room to fit. This sounds like a good idea, but is it worth buying?

What people love about this shoe organizer

The Neprock shoe organizer is available on Amazon for a pack of 12, 20, and 36, costing about $24, $34, and $51, respectively. Each organizer holds one pair of shoes. With 78% of reviews giving the product four stars or higher, this certainly seems to be a product that the majority of people don't regret purchasing. The top review mentions that it doubles the shoe storage and leaves the space looking neat and organized. Other praises include that they're easy to assemble and sturdy when put together. The adjustable height allows you to store any type of shoe, from flats and sneakers to heels and wedges.

The Neprock organizer also gets praise for being a better option than similar products. The Hesroicy shoe storage rack from Walmart is $12.34 and is available in three colors. However, this is just a shelf and can't be adjusted, so while you can store heeled shoes on top, the lower levels can only hold sandals, sneakers, or other flat shoes. It's also wider and only sold in singular pieces, so the Neprock version is more affordable for shoe storage. A similar option from Amazon comes in a pack of 4 for $17.98. Both of these alternatives are more like shelf risers that add another layer for shoes to sit on. However, the Neprock shoe organizer reigns supreme for customers because of its adjustability and compact size.

What the low reviews say

As with any product, the Neprock shoe organizer can't satisfy everybody. Out of the 5,117 total ratings, 7% provided a 1-star review, 4% gave it 2 stars, and 10% gave it 3 stars for an average rating. For many people who provided low reviews, quality was a significant factor. Though many people cited how sturdy the product was in their favorable reviews, the lower reviews mentioned the low-quality plastic used to make this product. One reviewer reported that a fastener appeared melted, while another commented about broken pieces at the bottom of the box.

There are a few versions of this product from a variety of retailers, including others on Amazon and Bed, Bath and Beyond, but a very similar design comes from The Container Store, which has a 4.8 out of 5-star rating. Lower reviews mention that the top level isn't very strong and unable to hold the weight of some shoes, and one customer suggested that this product may work better for light women's shoes but not heavier dress shoes for men.

Another way that this product might be better for women's shoes than men's is the width. Because the mechanism that adjusts the height creates an enclosure, narrow or pointed-toe shoes store better than wider ones. Because of the height, it also seems like this product wouldn't be good for boots. However, overall, customers seem satisfied with this product for organizing all of their shoes.