7 New Harbor Freight Tools That Are Game Changers For Home Improvement Projects

Home improvement projects have a way of spiraling out of control at times, even for experienced DIYers. The more prepared you are before you begin, the smoother you can expect your project to go. A major part of a good home improvement project preparedness plan is making sure you have the right tools for each task. If you've ever found yourself pounding a finishing nail into the wall with a coffee mug because you needed to hang a picture and didn't have a hammer, you can imagine how important tools are for bigger projects.

Unfortunately, the price of tools can make home improvement projects inaccessible for many homeowners. Enter Harbor Freight. Harbor Freight is to tools what IKEA is to furniture — a retailer that offers functional products at almost shockingly low price points. If you've been aching to start a home improvement project and couldn't justify the cost of the tools you'd need to get the job done, Harbor Freight is for you. Check out these recently released tools that will get you started on your project without breaking the bank on the more expensive popular power tool brands

Doyle folding jab saw

Any time you take on a project that requires carving into drywall or similar borderless materials, a jab saw is the tool you need. If your home improvement project includes a drywall repair or adding a new light switch or recessed lighting, for example, a jab saw is what will allow you to cut the necessary holes into your walls or ceilings. Since jabs saw are made for, well, jabbing, they are also known for poking holes into pockets and tool bags when they're not in use.

Harbor Freight's new Doyle folding jab saw folds when you're not using it to prevent damage or injury. While buying a jab saw that folds will typically cost you quite a bit more, this model is comparable to those from name brands like KLEIN, and you can snag it at Harbor Freight for just $14.99. It also features triple-ground teeth, a durable carbon blade, and a cushioned handle with a non-slip surface. 

Bauer electronic variable-speed wood midi lathe

If your home improvement project involves small turned pieces, like the legs on a coffee table or trunk — you'll need a mini or midi lathe. A lathe allows you to turn a piece of wood using a rotating axis and a cutting tool and can be an extremely valuable woodworking tool. A mini lathe is simply a lathe that is small enough to fit on a workbench. Once your home improvement project is finished, you can also use your mini lathe to make your own handmade goods such as wooden spoons, bowls, honey dippers, keepsake boxes, jewelry, knife or screwdriver handles, and more.

While most mini lathes cost around $700, Harbor Freight's new Bauer electronic variable-speed wood midi lathe is priced at just $549.99. It features a convenient digital display and variable speeds, plus a heavy-duty cast iron frame. A lathe is not an inexpensive tool any way you slice it. However, if you're looking to invest in one that can provide you with a new woodworking hobby or side hustle long after your initial project has concluded, it's the tool for you.

Bauer circular saw

Any home improvement project that requires straight-cutting, cross-cutting, or rip-cutting lumber — like trim work, framing, or hardwood flooring installation — will call for a circular saw. While learning to use a power saw can feel a bit intimidating, there really is no other way to efficiently make precise cuts in the quantity that is required for most home improvement projects. Plus, a circular saw can cut through any kind of wood. When the project calls for multiple cuts, an at-home, easy-to-use circular saw is a must.

Harbor Freight's new Bauer 14-amp circular saw will have you cross-cutting confidently in no time. Featuring a powerful motor and a 0-52 degree bevel capacity for precise angles, it's ideal for both DIY beginners and seasoned home improvement project veterans. There's even a large base plate for safety and stability while cutting. And, at $49.99, as one reviewer raved, "the price just can't be beat!" 

McGraw self-vacuuming random orbit sander

When you're looking for a super smooth finish on wood that was previously painted, stained, or varnished, an orbital sander is exactly the tool you need for optimum efficiency. Whether you're refurbishing a piece of wooden furniture, a warped floorboard, or a decor item like an antique picture frame, an orbital sander will remove old paint cleanly and effectively.

Orbital sanders tend to produce quite a dusty mess during their high-powered sanding process. However, Harbor Freight's new McGraw self-vacuuming random orbit sander offers a self-vacuuming feature that uses a hose to direct dust into the included bag with no mess. If you've ever used an electric sander before, you know how much work this feature alone can save you. The sander is tough enough to tackle wood or metal surfaces while remaining lightweight and ergonomic. You can get your hands on one at Harbor Freight for $39.99. 

Warrior cordless variable-speed rotary tool kit

Few tools on the market are as versatile as a rotary tool kit. These miniature hand tools — popularized by Dremel — are useful for home improvement projects and your everyday routines. A mini rotary tool has many uses: It can carve, engrave, hollow, buff, or sand wood, plastic, or metal, plus scrub or polish small items and hard-to-reach areas. You can even use one to file down your dog's nails.

If the project at hand includes any small, intricate details, you can't go wrong with Harbor Freight's new Warrior cordless variable-speed rotary tool kit. With 16 accessories for different purposes, it would probably be more difficult to come up with a reason why you don't need one of your own. Of the 46 verified purchasers who have reviewed the conveniently cordless item on Harbor Freight's website, 96% recommend the tool to other shoppers — although the fact that it boasts a 4.5-star rating speaks for itself. 

Hardy chainsaw protection work gloves

It's no secret that using power tools can put you at risk for serious injury, or that the level of risk varies depending on the type of tool you're using. An electric sander, for instance, is not as potentially dangerous as a power saw. When it comes to the ultimate in dangerous tools available for home use, it's hard to imagine a riskier tool than the chainsaw. While once mainly used for commercial purposes (via Devonish Art Gallery), chainsaws and mini chainsaws are now not uncommon for residential purposes like landscaping and even DIY décor.

Unfortunately, nearly 40,000 people are treated for chainsaw injuries each year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Simply wearing protective gear — like Harbor Freight's new Hardy chainsaw protection work gloves — can drastically reduce your chances of injury while operating a chainsaw. Designed for right-handed chainsaw operation, the gloves feature goat leather palms and a reinforced palm and trigger finger along with comfort-driven features such as a built-in panel for brow wiping on the back of the thumb. They'll stop a chainsaw up to 20 m/s. You can grab a pair for $14.99 at Harbor Freight. 

Central Machinery belt and disc sander

If you're looking to cross into the territory of tools that might not be 100% necessary, but can certainly make a project easier and more successful, look no further than the mighty, mysterious belt and disc sander. A belt and disc sander allows you to perform very precise shaping, sanding, sharpening, smoothing, and trimming, including creating curved edges and precise angles. Any project centered around woodworking or carpentry will greatly benefit from having this tool onsite.

As a bonus, you can use the machine to sharpen other essentials, like shop pencils, blades, and drill bits. Harbor Freight's new Central Machinery belt and disc sander features a base table that tilts to 90 degrees and a miter gauge for creating any angle you desire to the exact degree. As one reviewer simply put it, the sander is an "excellent value and easy to set up." Snag one for your home workshop at Harbor Freight for $89.99.