Store Off-Season Essentials Perfectly With This Often Overlooked Item

Storing off-season and other infrequently used items can be tricky. You want them hidden away for safekeeping but still need occasional access. While you may be tempted to store items like off-season clothing or recreational items in closets, basements, and attics, you may be overlooking a great place to hide things away temporarily until you need them, particularly if you are working with very little storage in a small space. Even better, it's something you likely already have. By using your luggage and other bags to store items, you can not only save space but put it to use helping you stay organized. 

The slender profile of most luggage pieces makes them perfect for stashing in unexpected locations and unused spaces. Whether your luggage is plain and utilitarian or luxe and decorative,  you can use the interiors for stashing all those things you will eventually need but just don't want to look at right now. 

How to use luggage for storage

If your luggage is large, it's a great spot for stowing winter coats, sweaters, and boots during the summer. You can also use it for stashing away summertime sports gear in winter like balls, bats, and athletic shoes when in the off-season. Smaller suitcases work perfectly for items like hats and gloves or wintry throw blankets over the summer. You can also use your suitcases and other bags to store holiday decor you won't be needing anytime soon. Luggage is also a great space to store infrequently accessed things like important paperwork or photo collections. 

Use hanging travel bags to protect items in your closet from dust or damage, or to corral off-season clothing at the back of your closet rod. Small travel bags can be used to hold extra toiletries in your linen closet within easy reach in a neat and organized manner. Vanity cases or hatboxes can also be great for storing everything from cosmetics to gift-wrapping supplies. 

Where to store luggage

Because even the largest suitcases often have a slender side profile, using them for storage can be much less ungainly than ordinary plastic bins. Slide your suitcases full of off-season duds compactly under the bed. You can also hide them under or behind a sofa or other piece of large furniture. Small suitcases fit neatly on closet shelves or organization systems. You can even store suitcases easily on the beams of your garage or attic or just keep them in the trunk of a car. 

If your luggage is attractive in appearance, you can easily just store it out in the open. Hard-sided luggage, when stacked, makes a stunning side table or nightstand. This is also a great way to use vintage suitcases and trunks, which add both style and storage. You can find them at thrift stores, flea markets, and estate or garage sales. Large steamer trunks are perfect as stylish coffee tables or added seating.