We See Carpet Scraping All Over TikTok, But Is It A Good Idea?

Spring cleaning is in full swing. Whether you've already started deep diving into the best cleaning hacks or are simply curious about the average homeowner's spring-cleaning routine, you've likely turned to TikTok for some answers. One sector of the app, also known as #CleanTok, guides users through the process of selecting cleaning products, keeping their space organized, and identifying tips to make cleaning just a little bit easier. These days, the concept of carpet scraping has made its way to the FYP, and users like @rebeccacroft1 are swearing by it as a way to thoroughly clean your carpet. Despite its budding popularity, however, carpet scraping can do more damage than good.

There's no denying that carpet cleaning is an exhausting process, but it's also important to do it correctly. Carpet scraping is the process of using a small tool against the fibers of your carpet to pick up dust and debris that can't be caught by vacuums. As you scrape against the grain of the carpet, you may be satisfied to see a clump of dust swept up in the process, leaving you convinced that you've just hit the cleaning jackpot. Unfortunately, while that's just not true for carpet scraping, there are alternative ways to keep your carpet clean.

No, carpet scraping isn't a good idea

Believe it or not, even an occasional carpet scraping can do significant harm. When you use a harsh scraping device on your delicate carpet, the carpet's fibers are pulled from the surface, which creates lasting damage. This scraping may cause bald spots on the carpet. Just like you would with tile, hardwood, and other precious flooring, you want to be gentle with the fibers on your carpet and do your best to ensure they last for a long time.

"Carpet scraping, even just once or twice a week, will cause lasting damage," Josh Barber of Flooring Superstore told Express. "Investing in a good quality vacuum cleaner and having a routine clean each week should be enough to keep your floors fresh and avoid a build-up of dust and dirt."

Sometimes, the latest TikTok hack can improve and enhance a mundane cleaning ritual; this isn't one of those times, it seems. 

How to actually clean your carpet

It's not the end of the world if you've accidentally fallen into the rabbit hole of TikTok's carpet scraping trend, but it's best to stop immediately. Instead, get a vacuum cleaner that can better address the dust and debris harbored within. If you have the means, spending money on a good vacuum can save you from spending money on repairing your carpet in the future. Additionally, regularly steam cleaning your carpet can help you catch pieces of dust that are less noticeable to vacuums.

Combining all the achievable ways you can clean your carpet is another effective way to make sure it stays free of dust and debris. For example, start by thoroughly vacuuming your carpet before using a steamer, warm water, and the carpet cleaning solution of your choice. Follow up by vacuuming once more and observe your freshly cleaned carpet. By incorporating these methods into your weekly routine, you can avoid the long-term damage you'd face with carpet scraping just once.