Countertop Ideas To Make Your Green Kitchen Cabinets Pop

As far as colors, green certainly isn't one to stay out of the spotlight. It comes in many shades, most of which are bold and vibrant, whether that's a bright Kelly green or a zingy chartreuse. Opting for a chic green kitchen idea to add a pop of vibrancy to your cooking space is a great way of uplifting this room and making it stand out from the surplus of builder-grade kitchens out there.

But in the jumble of a kitchen, green can blend into the background and lose its vividness if it's not paired with the right countertops — no matter how bold your cupboards are. You've picked green kitchen cabinets for a reason, and there are ways to prevent them from looking as dull as beige (no shade to anyone who loves a neutral cabinet). White is a popular countertop color, and because of its subtlety, it makes a great background for green. But there's a case to be made for bucking tradition and selecting wood and black countertops for a stand-out combination, too. We'll break down why these three types of countertops are perfect for green kitchen cabinets.

Make green cabinets stand out with wood or white countertops

To make green kitchen cabinets pop, wood and white countertops work wonders. The first two factors to consider are how much you'd like the two surfaces to contrast and the color temperature of the cabinets. If you want a subtle finish without veering into a bland result, white won't do you wrong. For instance, a cooler teal green cabinet looks best with a cool-toned white countertop, which may have hints of gray mixed in. 

The best part about many white and neutral countertops is you can purchase different types of stone, which will have various veins, flecks, and textures. Depending on what colors run through the quartz or granite, you can match your cabinet hardware to the accent colors to create a cohesive palette that all ties in together. That, and there are so many green and white kitchen ideas that'll make the most of this classic combination through a mix of cabinets and countertops in shades of these colors.

Although there are warm-toned white countertops, there is something to be said for pairing warmer green cabinets with warm wood countertops. Both look bold but play off each other nicely thanks to the shared tone. Like with white or stone countertops, wood offers various shades and grains. Honey-colored woods complement medium green cabinets well, whereas softer sage cupboards look nice when paired with lighter-toned woods.

Use black countertops to make green kitchen cabinets shine

After something with a little more drama? There are other more saturated shades that'll help your green kitchen cabinets stand out. Black kitchen countertops have made a comeback, and they just so happen to look edgy and chic when surrounding green cabinetry. When you have two attention-grabbing colors in one space, they're strong enough to stand out from the other. If you like the moody tones but find black a little too stark, charcoal gray is a subtler step down from an inky midnight color. Or you can select a granite or marble with flecks of white and gray to break up the black. 

As for shades of green that work best with black, go with anything that's medium green or darker, whether it's a bold emerald or dark mossy green. Black countertops with light seafoam, sage, or mist greens that err on the side of white can sometimes feel too drastic — which may explain why white and light green cabinets are a more popular combo. Get creative with your options and see what kind of blend you can concoct to give your green kitchen cabinets the spotlight.