Hummingbirds Will Love These Plants In Your Hanging Baskets

There are plenty of flowers that hummingbirds absolutely love, which will increase the chances of these tiny birds making your garden a regular haunt for sipping nectar. In addition to bushes and potted plants, hanging baskets offer an ideal way to view hummingbirds and beautify your outdoor space. Visually, it gives your garden different levels of plant life and provides a unique angle for spotting these minuscule birds, as they'll pause mid-flight for a drink. 

That said, not all basket-bound plants make the best meals for hummingbirds. Choose the wrong flowers and you could dissuade them from stopping by. The best plants for hanging baskets that hummingbirds adore include flowers in bright reds and pinks, such as fuchsias, petunias, and bee balm. Even better is that some of these plants don't require high levels of care. Here are plants you should consider for your hanging baskets to give yourself the best chance of building an inviting pitstop for hummingbirds.

Best hanging basket plants to attract hummingbirds

Of all the genius tips and tricks to attract more hummingbirds to your garden, choosing flowers that appeal to their senses is No. 1. There are a few ways to implement these plants, but a hanging basket is one of the best. While hummingbirds flit and perform aerial tricks around your yard, mounting a basket from a stake or the ceiling of a patio or porch overhang is the perfect way to catch them in flight and give you a brief moment to enjoy their beauty while they get nectar.

Hummingbirds are found in 49 states (Hawaii is the only one without), so with a few smartly selected plants that are fit for life in a basket, there's a likelihood they'll be frequent visitors in your garden. One of the brightest flowering plants that looks great in hanging baskets is fuchsia. Within its multi-hued blooms, fuchsias feature the top color you should add to the garden to help attract hummingbirds: red. Other colorful flowers that look lovely trailing down from a planter or growing in bunches are petunias and geraniums, which come in various shades of red, pink, purple, and more. 

Low-maintenance basket plants that hummingbirds love

If you're an avid birdwatcher but not necessarily a great gardener, you can still coax hummingbirds into your backyard. Of all the plant varieties that work in hanging baskets, a handful are notably low-maintenance, making it easy for folks with not-so-green thumbs. One option is an amazing plant that'll bring hummingbirds to your garden in droves. Calibrachoa plants quickly grow and can withstand droughts and high temperatures. Their care requirements are simple, so you can focus more on your avian visitors than trying to keep the flowers alive.

Other low-key plants include bee balm and salvia, which both come in red varieties and are easy to care for — even in baskets. The aforementioned petunia plant also doesn't require hefty levels of care. When you're seeking out fitting plants for your garden, there are plenty of options that can live happily in a basket and hummingbirds will enjoy.