Are GROHE Fixtures Worth The Money? Here's What Our Plumbing Expert Says

Plumbing fixtures are a key element in any bathroom or kitchen design. Whether it's the pot filler or shower head, the hardware helps to tie together the room's aesthetic and can be a budget-friendly home upgrade that saves you from a full remodel. There has been a lot of buzz about the GROHE brand for fixtures that deliver exceptional quality and beautiful style. While these products typically cost more than those you find at the local hardware store, their timeless design could justify the investment for some. In an exclusive House Digest interview, we asked Charles Pound, a Frontdoor virtual plumbing expert, for his professional take on whether GROHE fixtures were worth the money.

While approval of the company's signature hardware style will depend on personal preference, Pound spoke to the quality and value of GROHE fixtures from a customer and repair perspective. Plus, he shared a few of his go-to brands for kitchen or bathroom plumbing renovations.

GROHE fixtures are plumber-approved

When it comes to GROHE fixtures, the brand gets a seal of approval from our plumbing expert. Charles Pound exclusively told House Digest, "GROHE has been an award-winning faucet maker in the industry for decades. With a look all their own, they stand out from the other brands." So, they might be a good choice when designing your bathroom or kitchen. "Overall, the brand is great and has a lot that a customer would want in a stylish faucet," Pound said. 

The global company focuses on sustainability, quality, and design with its products, which adds up. "They are a bit higher in price than the average builder-grade faucets that most would see daily," Pound added. Kitchen taps range from $145 to over $1000, while bathroom hardware starts as low as $20 and reaches almost $700. Whether or not you should opt for GROHE for your next refresh depends on your aesthetic and budget. While Pound is a fan of the brand, he did share one thing he doesn't care for with GROHE.

What to keep in mind with GROHE fixtures

With the higher price tag that comes with GROHE fixtures, you should be aware of the potential downsides. In House Digest's exclusive interview with Charles Pound, he shared, "From a repair standpoint, the parts for GROHE are not as common to come by. Most major plumbing supply or faucet stores may have a few parts, but not always." This means that whenever your fixtures need repairing, you'll likely have to order the replacements and have them delivered. These delays can impact the timeline of any ideas for your kitchen remodel

For hardware that is reliable and stylish, Pound said, "A couple brands I like are Delta, Moen, and Kohler. As a plumber, I like when I can access the parts same day to solve the problem quickly — and they are well-known, good reputation brands." GROHE fixtures could be worth the investment if their design fits your taste and you don't mind ordering parts in times of repair. Otherwise, the familiar and less expensive brands from hardware stores can be just as good for your renovation.