Don't Look Past These Tools From Lowe's For Your Next Home Project

Anyone interested in doing DIY jobs around the house should know there are certain tools that every homeowner should have. If you are a shopper who prefers one of the big box hardware stores, like Lowe's, you may want to find the best collection of tools offered here. You probably also want to save money with your Lowe's shopping by sticking with the most important tools for your needs.

When you are just starting with your collection of tools, you want to make sure you are picking up the most useful products. You want your collection to help you perform the most common DIY jobs around the house while offering the capability to handle multiple types of projects indoors and outdoors, rather than including specialty tools that may only work for one type of project. Such tools should be easy to use too. We'll discuss five tools that Lowe's offers that have strong customer reviews, provide good value, and can give you the versatility you're seeking when performing DIY projects.

A dependable hammer: Estwing 16-Ounce Claw Hammer

Many DIY jobs require a hammer, but not all hammers are made equal. Lowe's carries the Estwing 16-ounce Steel Claw Hammer for about $25. You receive a comfortable head weight of 16 ounces that brings a nice mixture of driving nails efficiently without causing excess arm fatigue. Heavier hammers can drive the nail faster, but they require more physical effort and require a greater level of control. Estwing tools have a reputation for being durable with excellent balance.

The 16-ounce hammer offers a one-piece steel construction for durability with a slip-resistant handle for control. This tool has a 4.9-star rating from customers at Lowe's with 99% of them giving it a 4- or 5-star review. Customers appreciate that the hammer mutes vibration while nailing. Even though it has a lightweight design compared to some other, larger hammers, it still drives nails efficiently, according to reviewers. Additionally, the grippy material on the handle offers some cushioning that makes it comfortable to use this hammer for long periods.

A versatile cordless drill: Kobalt 24-Volt Cordless Drill

Having a power drill at your home gives you a tool that will work for many different types of DIY projects. Not only can you drill holes in wood, drywall, plastic, or metal, but when you add the right bit, you can drive screws. If you add brushes or sanding discs, you can use the drill to remove paint or to help with smoothing wood. Cordless drills are lightweight and run on a battery, so you can use them anywhere without worrying about being near an outlet.

The Kobalt cordless drill is a good choice because of strong customer reviews and a reasonable price of $139 at Lowe's with a battery, charger, and soft-sided storage bag included. The Kobalt model offers a 24-volt battery, an LED light to help with working in dark areas, and a one-half-inch chuck. Many customers appreciate the versatility of this power tool, as 87% of Lowe's customers give it a 4- or 5-star rating. Other customer reviews highlight the ability of this drill to deliver the basic features required to handle nearly any job around the house, all for a reasonable price.

A handy circular saw: Kobalt 24V 6.5-Inch Circular Saw

When doing DIY projects, having the ability to easily cut wood accurately is a must. The Kobalt 24V 6.5-Inch Circular Saw delivers this capability, making clean cuts with its 5,500 RPM blade. The blade measures 6.5 inches in diameter, and you can swap it out for a new circular blade when it becomes dull.

One of the benefits of using products from this manufacturer is that Kobalt is the Lowe's store brand for power tools, so you often can receive a good price on these items. You'll pay $99 for this saw at Lowe's, but you will have to buy the battery and charger separately. The good news is that if you purchase the 24V Kobalt drill mentioned earlier, that same battery also works on this saw.

The Kobalt circular saw has a 4.6-star rating among Lowe's customers, with 91% giving it four or five stars. Customers on the Lowe's website appreciate being able to make clean cuts anywhere with this power tool, rather than having to worry about remaining close to an outlet or dragging an electrical cord around. Other reviewers were pleased with the saw's 24-volt battery power, allowing it to cut multiple boards without recharging.

The perfect tool for the job: Craftsman 11-Piece Wrench Set

As you are working on projects at home, sometimes you just need the right-sized tool for the job. Often, that tool will be a wrench, meaning that it's important to have a set of wrenches on hand, like the Craftsman 11-Piece Wrench Set, available at Lowe's for about $40. Sure, you could try to loosen that nut or bolt with pliers, but you're just as likely to gouge it up or fail to loosen it. This wrench set ensures you have the perfect-sized tool on hand to do the job. The set's versatility is important, as it contains 11 different wrenches that carry a lifetime warranty. They range in multiple sizes up to 7/8 of an inch. 

Customers at Lowe's give the wrench set 4.7 stars on average, with 93% of reviewers awarding it four or five stars. Customers appreciate the build quality and chrome finish on these tools, which helps them resist corrosion. The grip the tools provide for gaining torque for removing bolts is impressive, according to a few reviewers, preventing slipping. Although this set doesn't contain large wrenches, one reviewer said it was cheaper to buy this Craftsman set and then individually add larger wrenches when needed, rather than buying a set from another manufacturer that offers larger wrenches in a bigger set.

A sturdy ladder: Little Giant Multi M14 Telescoping Ladder

DIY projects around the house never seem to fit a certain parameter. For instance, you may be crouched in your home's crawlspace, looking for a leak. The next time, you may be looking for that beeping smoke detector near the ceiling. Balancing yourself while standing on furniture for this job is a dangerous idea. Having a ladder that you can adjust into multiple positions provides a high level of versatility for many DIY jobs.

Lowe's offers the Little Giant Multi Ladder for $169. When fully extended, this ladder helps an average person reach more than 14 feet in the air. However, you can adjust its configuration outside a full extension whenever desired. It works as an A-frame, as mini-scaffolding, and at a 90-degree angle. It has a 300-pound weight support capacity, yet it consists of lightweight aluminum, so it only weighs 30 pounds.

Lowe's customers highly recommend it, as 95% of reviewers give it 4 or 5 stars. Most of them appreciate the versatility that it delivers. However, it receives high marks from customers for its sturdiness as well. It folds down to a smaller space for storage than a typical extension ladder, which is another benefit that reviewers mentioned.