The Pros And Cons Of Using A Collapsible Laundry Basket

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Laundry can get out of hand quickly, but people have been getting more creative with solutions. From the trendy IKEA rolling laundry basket TikTok is obsessing over to the vertical hamper solution that saves major space, it's not too difficult to find a methodology that works for your lifestyle and the space you're living in. The collapsible laundry basket has been around for a while but is often overlooked. 

Maybe you haven't seen this style in years. After weighing the pros and cons of these foldable laundry baskets, it's the perfect fix in many situations, whether you need more space in your laundry room or can't stand seeing baskets hanging around long after towels have been put away. Typically found in dorm rooms and self-service laundry centers, a collapsible laundry basket is a convenient organizational tool that does more than haul dirty and clean clothes. They have their fair share of benefits (albeit alongside a few cons) but you could be missing out by relying only on standard hampers and baskets that can't be folded down. Here's what to know about these flexible baskets.

Pros of using a collapsible laundry basket

Using a collapsible laundry basket offers many benefits, starting with their space-saving perks. These flexible baskets are perfect for small spaces, whether you live in a tiny apartment, cramped dorm, or just a house with less square footage. They're also ideal if you don't have a separate laundry room (e.g. your washer and dryer are in a closet or built into your kitchen or mud room). Collapsible laundry baskets take up less space and you can stow them away in cabinets or between appliances.

There are a few types you can invest in. The most similar to a traditional laundry basket are foldable baskets made of harder plastics with a rubber or silicone strip around the center. When assembled they look like your standard basket, but quickly press down into a flatter shape for storage, like this Sammart version from Amazon. Another style is made of a mesh frame that doubles as a hamper and spirals in on itself, such as this House Essentials pick from Amazon. In a similar vein, there are fabric baskets with straps, such as Walmart's foldable style, that are easy to carry around. 

Flexible laundry baskets are a great choice as they offer the best of both worlds. They're much more malleable and bendable than a standard basket. While they don't neatly fold up or collapse down, they can be bent and rolled in various ways to save on space. IKEA's SLIBB basket is a perfect example. 

Cons of using a collapsible laundry basket

As with many products that help you organize your laundry room, a collapsible laundry basket has a few downsides. Structurally, they're not as sturdy as their traditional counterparts. There is a risk that they could buckle under the pressure of a load or start to fold in. The risk is pretty harmless and may only lead to garments falling out, but it is worth noting. 

Most of the other cons have to do with personal preferences. If you don't like the look of a collapsible laundry basket, are hot on ensuring clothes are folded and put away immediately after they're washed, or live alone or in a household that doesn't produce a ton of dirty laundry, a collapsible laundry basket isn't necessary. Homes with laundry rooms with built-in hampers or storage space for baskets don't necessarily need a storage container that can fold down if they're accounted for already.