The Trendy IKEA Rolling Laundry Basket TikTok Is Obsessing Over

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Laundry baskets are an important part of an efficient laundry routine. You probably use one to sort your clothes and keep your laundry room organized. They make it much easier to transport piles of laundry from one room to the next, especially baskets that have wheels. The IKEA TOLKNING is a gorgeous rolling laundry basket that is both convenient and stylish. Even TikTok users have gotten their hands on the piece. They are taking to the platform to reveal just how much they love it.

TikTok user @mxchic_ shared a video of the IKEA TOLKNING assembly process. The clip shows how the basket perfectly compliments the content creator's home. The hand-woven basket includes detachable wheels and a bag that lines the inside. This liner prevents dirty items from coming into direct contact with the basket. It also makes it easy to simply dump your clothes into your washer or dryer when doing laundry. You can lift the bag that lines the inside of the basket out on laundry day, open it up, and pour your clothes into the appropriate machine. When the liner gets dirty, you can wash it using your washer's warm setting, according to the IKEA TOLKNING product page.

Why the IKEA TOLKNING is the perfect laundry basket

As you can see in the TikTok posted by @mxchic_, the IKEA TOLKNING laundry basket features a beautiful woven design. The item's product page reveals that each piece is one of a kind because they are all hand-woven. If you do decide to snag this basket for your home, you will have a unique piece that is not only functional but also visually appealing. The easy assembly process is another perk. Putting this item together is very simple because the basket itself is fully constructed. You only need to attach the wheels and the liner bag after purchase.

At this point, you might be interested in picking up this laundry basket for yourself. If so, you should know that it is priced at $90 on the IKEA website. This is quite a steal compared to the prices of similar woven laundry baskets sold across the internet. For example, The Container Store offers the Square Rattan Hamper, which doesn't have wheels, for $149.99. Amazon offers the Furnnylane Handmade Wicker Basket, which also appears to be similar in size to the IKEA TOLKNING. However, the item is listed for $119.99. It might be safe to say that the IKEA basket is a much better choice for those who are looking to save money.

Customers have great things to say

The IKEA TOLKNING has a 4.4 out of 5-star rating, so it seems that customers are loving it. The item's product reviews reveal exactly what consumers thought about the stylish laundry basket after purchasing it. Interestingly, a few customers opted to use the product to transport their belongings rather than as a laundry basket.

"I am a busking entertainer and bought it to transport equipment but also as a portable table to present my tip jar and information," one person wrote in a review on the item's product page. "I am easily able to hang my show banner on the front of the basket and weave the ties through the wicker to tie it to the basket. It is also light weight enough that I can carry the basket by looping the handle over my shoulder to go up stairs, mud, etc. It is a game changer!" Some might say that this review speaks to the basket's sturdyness. If you have large, heavy loads of laundry to transport to your laundry room, it seems that the IKEA TOLKNING should be able to handle the weight just fine. Of course, other customers detailed their experiences using the item for its intended purpose. They shared that they enjoy the convenience of the basket's wheels and its ability to fit into small spaces.