Add Dimension To Your Kitchen Backsplash With This Trendy Tile

Are you looking for the best kitchen backsplash options? Consider your kitchen's vibe and what's in style if you want the space to look more charming and aesthetically pleasing. Lively backsplashes will add unique flair to your kitchen, so don't be afraid to get bold and flaunt a basketweave style. "Basketweave pattern is [a] fun way to bring more interest to a simple tile," Audrey Scheck, the designer who founded Audrey Scheck Design, told Homes & Gardens. "To achieve this, alternate between two, three, or four vertical stacked tiles and the same number of horizontal stacked tiles."

If you have experience installing tiles and are comfortable DIYing the basketweave look, remember to consistently switch between pairs of vertical and horizontal tiles as you fill in the wall space to create the backsplash, creating the illusion of the woven look you see when zooming in on a basket, but with tiles in your choice of color. Just don't forget the necessary materials: grout, tile caulk, and a thinset mortar. If you want a daring look, have fun with bright or high-contrast colors such as black and white or blue and red. For an even more creative look, consider mixing different materials for the tile, such as marble and glass or porcelain and wood. This eye-catching backsplash design will add an artsy touch to your kitchen while making the space look more dynamic.

A basketweave backsplash doesn't have to be a DIY project

If you love the basketweave backsplash look but aren't comfortable doing it yourself, you can still get the effect. For instance — if your budget allows — hiring an expert is a foolproof way to create and install the pattern in the best kitchen backsplash color for the space. Getting a kitchen backlash installed varies depending on the contractor you use and the complexity of your pattern. Marble and glass, for instance, look beautiful together, but they're two of the pricier materials for a backsplash. Installing a kitchen backsplash typically costs between $3,700 and $6,300 according to online reference calculator Homewyse, though the experts at Angi estimate $15 to $40 per square foot for installation costs for an average cost of $1,000 — anywhere from $100 an hour to $500 a day. Get a quote from your contractor before you commit.

While the alternating technique is an excellent way to achieve the basketweave effect, another option is to get tiles that already feature that design, eliminating a step for you and making the process more convenient. For example, check out the Merola Tile Metro Basketweave White with Black Dot Porcelain Mosaic Tile, available for about $10 per square foot or just under $100 for a case at Home Depot (pricing varies depending on location), and many customers love it. Or consider the sleek Satori Venatino Polished Natural Stone Marble Basketweave Wall Tile, selling for slightly over $15 per square foot at Lowe's. Either option will class up your kitchen and add dimension to your space.