The Best Backsplash Options For A Rustic Kitchen

Of course, not everyone wants a hyper-contemporary, futuristic-leaning kitchen or an ultra-glamorous look. While some people enjoy those sleek or fancy interior designs, there's nothing wrong with wanting a more warm and inviting rustic kitchen. When designing and decorating your kitchen with that aesthetic in mind, pay attention not only to details like wall color, furniture, and countertops but also the backsplash. For instance, if you want your kitchen to appear as rustic as possible, avoid black and white marble, stainless steel, or bright and ultra-cold-tone tile backsplash options that will make your kitchen look more like something from a hyper-glam city-based TV show.

On the other hand, a brick backsplash will look super rustic. One brick backsplash option you can purchase online is the General Shale Providence Thin Brick Carbon 2-inch by 8-inch Tumbled Natural Stone Ledgestone Brick Patterned Wall Tile, available for just under $10 per square foot or right above $70 per carton at Lowe's. And while brick is arguably the most classically rustic backsplash option for your kitchen, it's not the only choice for that aesthetic.

Try a wooden backsplash

Are you looking for another backsplash idea to spice up your farmhouse-inspired kitchen? Try a wood look. "Incorporating a wood backsplash into your kitchen is a great way to soften down what is traditionally one of the 'hardest' rooms in the house," Karen Harautuneian, the interior designer who founded Hub of the House, told Martha Stewart. You can even find many wood backsplash examples under #woodbacksplash on Instagram. For instance, a wood backsplash will add a soft, rustic charm to a more modern kitchen with cool tones and stainless steel appliances or make an already warm-looking kitchen appear even more inviting.

If you like this rustic look, check out the Stikwood Peel & Stick Wood Panels, available for $280 at Pottery Barn. You can use a cloth to clean the reclaimed wood product. Another option to consider is the WALL!SUPPLY 0.79-inch by 7.09-inch by 19.49-inch UltraWood Teak Firenze Jointless Z-shape Interlocking, selling for less than $95 at Home Depot, and it's a fun choice for people looking for bold texture.

At least work with tile featuring earth tones

Anyone who wants a more rustic kitchen but doesn't want to commit to anything as intense as brick or wood backsplash options should at least work with rustic colors and neutrals. White, pink, and silvery tiles and marble rarely appear rustic, while warm tones will help the backsplash look more appropriate with the aesthetic, even if the material isn't necessarily rustic. "Earth tones can offer a neutral calm throughout a home ... They exude a little more warmth in an interior compared to the default grays and whites," Patrick O'Donnell, Farrow & Ball's international brand ambassador, told Better Homes & Gardens.

So, look for tile or marble in warm brown, beige, olive, or burgundy for that earthy vibe. For example, while cool-toned subway tile backsplashes aren't typically super rustic, subway tile in a warm, earthy hue will still add rustic charm to your kitchen. The Encore Surfaces Look Series 2.5-inch by 9.5-inch Porcelain Subway Wall Tile in Beige Cream features that warm appearance, and you can purchase it for under $20 per square foot at Wayfair. Thus, don't be afraid to use backsplash options with specific materials and hues — or neutrals — to make your kitchen look more rustic.