The Countertop Trends Our Interior Design Expert Wants To See Rule 2024

Kitchen countertop trends come and go. From sleek marble to matte concrete, the materials and designs can vary greatly depending on a homeowner's preferences. Another factor that often influences a person's preferred kitchen countertop design, though, is current trends. If you're the type of design enthusiast who likes to keep up with the trends, you might want to find out which kitchen countertop design elements Artem Kropovinsky, Founder & Principal Designer at NYC design firm Arsight, wants to see this year. "I hope to see in 2024 more countertops using sustainable materials and smart technologies," Kropovinsky revealed while speaking exclusively to House Digest.

The design expert went on to share more about how these trends could be integrated into your countertops. "This also means the use of recycled composites or making sure there are charging stations integrated into them," Kropovinsky explained. Popular recycled countertop materials include paper composite, post-consumer plastic, reclaimed wood, and more. These options are both stylish and eco-friendly. As for the charging stations Kropovinsky mentioned, you can include these below your countertop as a regular outlet, and some companies have even introduced wireless charging built into the surface. Kitchen countertops that use sustainable materials and smart technologies make sense in 2024, given the increased interest in technological advancement and sustainability in recent years.

The cost and versatility of these countertop trends

Many homeowners and designers choose vastly different countertop designs for kitchens compared to bathrooms. As a result, you may wonder whether the countertop trends Kropovinsky wants to see in 2024 could be used throughout the home. "Versatile and modern, these trends are perfect for different home areas, including kitchens and bathrooms," the Arsight founder confirmed while speaking exclusively to House Digest. This is great news if you are looking to make your home more eco-friendly with sustainable materials. You can maximize this by using these materials to top all cabinets in your home.

Additionally, countertops that use smart technology are incredibly convenient, so you might find that being able to install them in both the kitchen and the bathroom is quite the perk. Kropovinsky also offered insight into the costs of incorporating either the sustainable material or the smart technology design trend. "Recycled materials offer an economic alternative whereas smart countertops provide a good investment in terms of functionality and aesthetics," he explained.

How to determine whether to follow countertop design trends

Some homeowners are skeptical when it comes to design trends, and rightfully so. The design aesthetics that rule 2024 will not always be to right fit for your home. Some trends may not align with your preferred aesthetic. They may not even work for your home in terms of functionality. It is important to evaluate whether a trend is the right fit for you before incorporating it into your home.

Kropovinsky shared two critical factors that might help determine whether a particular design trend is worth it. "When embracing new fashions, think about the environmental footprint they leave behind as well as their potential to raise your property's worth," he explained while speaking exclusively to House Digest. "They are therefore popular because these novel aspects have been manufactured based on sustainability and convenience ideas." Countertops that incorporate smart technology and sustainable materials offer both of these benefits, so you may want to consider adding them to your home.