Is Using Fabuloso To Clean Hardwood Floors A Good Idea?

Fabuloso is a workhorse cleaning product that can tackle a wide variety of messes. It can be used for everything from removing grease from your backsplash to giving your trash can a fresh smell. It can even be used to clean floors, especially manufactured ones such as linoleum or tile floors. However, you want to be extra careful when using them on your wooden floors. Wooden floors can be tricky to clean since they're rather delicate. For example, it's not recommended to wet mop them since standing water can stain the wood and dull the finish, and using products seemingly tailor-made for wood — such as Murphy's Oil Soap — can actually discolor them and make their finish cloudy. Because of that, you have to be very careful. When it comes to Fabuloso, the brand says it's safe to use the formula on sealed wood floors, which most floors are. However, there is a certain way you should clean them in order to keep them safe.

To check if your wood is sealed or unsealed, perform a test with a few droplets of water by sprinkling it over an inconspicuous area. If they bead on top of the surface, then it is sealed. If the wood absorbs the water, then it's unsealed. For this reason, you should only use Fabuloso on sealed wood. The cleaning product will sit on the surface rather than be absorbed into the flooring.

How to clean sealed wood floors with Fabuloso

First things first: You will need to dilute the Fabuloso before applying it to your hardwood floors. According to Fabuloso, it's best to dilute a 1/2 cup of the cleaning detergent with 1 gallon of water to safely water it down. Once you have your solution ready, you want to mop your hardwood floors like you normally would. Dunk your mop into the bucket of water and thoroughly wring it out. Make sure it's just slightly damp and not sopping wet. Doing the latter can harm the finish and cause damage to the wood underneath, such as causing the boards to swell or discolor. Because of this, spin mops are some of the best options you can use. That's because the spinning mechanism in the bucket helps wring out any excess water. 

Even damp mopping can create damage, so experts recommend immediately drying the section you just finished cleaning with a dry microfiber cloth. This removes any excess moisture, ensuring there won't be any standing water left behind. If you run across a particularly dirty spot, refrain from saturating it with too much water. Instead, dip a cloth into the bucket of water and Fabuloso and use it to buff away the stain. Dry it with a clean cloth immediately after to remove any extra moisture.