Save Old Windows For This Genius Trellis Gardening Idea

Old windows can be a bit of lovely architectural history, useful in many new and unconventional ways. Often made of solid wood and sound construction, older windows are frequently more visually interesting than today's counterparts, particularly if they have a lot of mullions or carved accents. While these unique pieces can be used for a variety of home decor and DIY projects, one unique avenue of use can help make your garden more functional and beautiful. By using old windows instead of a traditional trellis, you can add a bit of old-world charm and vintage flair to your garden while providing a great surface for climbing or dangling plants to grow. 

You may just have some old windows lingering in a garage or storage space leftover from a remodel, or they can be found inexpensively in spots like thrift stores, flea markets, or architectural salvage stores. Using them in the garden is a perfect way to not only rescue them from a landfill but also add a unique touch to your garden for very little expense.

Using an old windows for plants

The best windows for garden use are often those with multiple mullions or muntins, the wood or metal pieces that were designed to hold individual panes of glass in place. These windows allow the plants to wind through as they grow, turning the old window into a beautiful living piece of decor. You can use them as you would a traditional trellis hanging on a wall or fence, or use them upright in the garden. You can also create a simple flower box backed by an old window frame. 

For a standing window, build a brace with wood blocks or heavy bricks on either side that will prop up the window and keep it from tipping. You could also suspend a window with rope from fence posts or a tree limb. For a cute and whimsical look, add a gallery wall of mismatched windows along an exterior wall or fence and allow plants and vines to climb freely, or place a bunch of frames in an assemblage for plants to climb.

Other salvaged window trellis ideas

While windows without glass panes are perfect, you can also find many with original glass in place that can work well, particularly those with beautiful color or stained glass panels. Leave the frames in their natural rustic finish or paint them with a fresh coat of your desired paint. Windows are durable and typically treated to be water-resistant in their original role, which makes them perfect to use as outdoor accents that won't deteriorate as fast as other materials. For a little extra flair at night, drape some solar or battery-operated twinkle lights along the frame of the windows. 

You can also use old shutters in the garden, offering similar rungs and recesses to climb along. Old doors can also work beautifully, especially French doors with multiple panels. Old windows and doors are also great for other garden projects, including building stunning DIY greenhouses or potting sheds to match your trellis.