The Best Types Of Doors To Choose For A Home With A Smaller Floor Plan

Designing a home with a small floor plan can be challenging. You must think outside of the box when it comes to planning the layout of your rooms. There are quite a few ways to maximize the space that you have, but you do need to get a bit creative. Taking a strategic approach to certain design elements, such as the doors you select, can help you make the most out of a small floor plan. Consider installing doors that take up minimal space. Some of the best doors for a small floor plan include sliding doors, bi-fold doors, pocket doors, concertina doors, and more.

When choosing doors for a small floor plan, you might need to exclude traditional hinged doors from your list. This is because they swing all the way out or in, meaning the entire size of the door will take up a portion of your living space when you open it. This is not ideal for small floor plans. Luckily, a wide variety of other options are a far better fit.

These doors can help you save space

You might already be familiar with some of the types of doors that can help maximize small spaces. Others are less popular, so it is beneficial to do your research to understand all of your available options. Sliding doors are a widely used alternative to traditional hinge doors. They are typically comprised of two panels that slide open to allow you to walk in and out. They slide against the wall rather than open outward into the room, so they are great for small spaces. You can use this type of door anywhere in your home that has enough room to accommodate it, but it is often used to separate dining rooms from kitchens or as a closet door alternative.

Pocket doors are another space-saving option with which you might already be familiar. As the name suggests, these include a "pocket" that you slide the door into to open it. To close it, use the handle to pull it out of the pocket and back against the wall. This clever design prevents the door from having to open outward or inward and keeps your outer wall space available for decor. Keep in mind that these doors are more complicated to install than other options. Still, pocket doors are a great way to save bathroom space.

Other space-saving doors of which you may not be aware

Let's dive into a few other space-saving door options to choose from that are often overlooked. Pivot sliding doors are particularly unique because they slide open in both directions. Unlike a typical hinge door, they do not open all the way out into the room. Instead, they are attached to a pivot at the top and bottom. You push the door to the side to open it, and it folds up against the door frame to make room. When folded, this type of door will stick out a bit on each side of the door frame, but not as far as a typical door would extend into the room.

Concertina doors fold accordion style so that you still have plenty of room on either side of the door frame. These are often used as room dividers as well. You can install two concertina doors side by side in a wide door frame to create the look of large doors without taking up much space in your home. You might add these to your home to close off your bedroom or closet. Overall, choosing the right door for your small home can help avoid headaches later, and luckily, there are plenty of great options.