Turn An Old Window Into Show-Stopping Floral Wall Art To Dress Up Any Wall

Are you of the mindset that everything can be repurposed or upcycled? If you love breathing new life into old or unused items around the house, this floral window DIY might just be your latest obsession. Looking for beautiful ways to repurpose an old window into home decor is big Pinterest vibes, and the project could double as a way to save your cherished blooms that are otherwise too fragile to keep. If you're looking for ways to dry and style your favorite flowers, this DIY might be just the thing.

All you need is an old glass window that you don't mind using glue on (preferably one that you're not using to enjoy views from your home), some dried flowers, and glue. You can create amazing murals and "framed" pieces to protect your dried petals and display them as wall art. For those who wish to bring more of nature into their space, this craft is a great gift or treat for any wall in your home.

A bloomin' brilliant piece of artwork

If you've recently had to replace an entire window or find yourself with a spare that can't serve its standard purpose, this will be perfect as your "frame" or the base for your project. It may be preferable to use windows with two panes divided by the paneling, but any window would work. Both glass pieces are where you want to place your dried flowers. Lay the window on a flat surface and wipe down the glass for maximum visibility. Cracks might add to the vintage look, but be careful and don't use any window pane that could cause injury.

Lay down your flattened, dried flowers (preferably using ones previously stored inside or beneath a heavy book to get them as flat as possible) on the back of the window panes in whatever pattern you want. Once you're happy with the placement, paint over each flower with crafting glue that dries clear, or use a hot glue gun. If you're using the latter method, glue the side of the blooms you want to display so they can be seen "through" the window. After you've added all your flowers, let the pieces dry and then hang to show off your newest artwork addition. Whether you are removing a window during a reno or have a spare window pane lying around, this clever DIY will allow you to reuse it while creating your own decor.