The Bright Color Combination HGTV's David Bromstad Recommends For A Beachy Vibe

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If you're feeling salty because you're craving some beachy vibes but can't get to the ocean as often as you'd like, why not create your dream home with a tip from David Bromstead and your interior color palette to quell that craving? David Bromstad loves combining emerald and blush tones in a room, which he says builds a "palm beach" aesthetic that cannot be beaten. The classic and timeless hues can easily flow through several areas of your home, or just use them in one room to imbue it with the chic Florida feels you've been missing.

Emerald is a vibrant jewel tone that seamlessly blends with blush's pastel palette, leaving you with an eye-popping juxtaposition that won't fail to impress. Whenever these colors come together in a space, you're instantly transported to a tropical paradise with a flair of elegance underneath. Whether you're channeling the Hollywood elite from past eras vacationing in Miami or manifesting the energy of a Cuban getaway, all these and more are associated with the notable green and pink shades Bromstad recommends.

The perfect Palm Beach pairing

To really capture the Palm Beach spirit, you can play around with how you represent these two shades throughout a room. Blush pink chairs like these Selma Channel Accent Chairs from Target (on sale for $142.79) provide a classy furniture backdrop to dot emerald accents around. A large area rug like this Jonathan Y Haze Area Rug from Target, on sale for $96.73, will complement the blush tones while creating a colorful base that draws in the eye. Add emerald and blush throw pillows or blankets onto your couches, chairs, or even the bed if you use this theme in a bedroom.

To really delve into the vibe, find photos of palm leaves with emerald tones that you can hang on the walls, or look for wallpaper that features emerald foliage for a truly immersive finish. Use David Bromstad's inspired paint tips if you plan to use paint or wallpaper in either color, and make sure to balance the walls with linens, pillows, and accents in the other shade to stick to the aesthetic. The key to nailing his Palm Beach tip is keeping both shades equal so that the space looks like a mix of vintage and modern tropical vibes. Add in gold fixtures to bring a little something extra, like this Amazon Modern Gold Sputnik Chandelier, $89.99. Two colors can produce your beach getaway aesthetic, so why not create your own Palm Beach?